Kris Holm Freeride Out of Stock???

After much anticipation and a few serious discussions with my girlfriend about the maximum number of unis a guy should own, I finally ordered a KH freeride uni on Thursday night. The email confirming my order says that this uni is out of stock. This brings to mind a few questions that I would like to direct to the wisdom of the forum:

  1. Is this some kind of SICK JOKE?

  2. Is it possible that I actually didn’t notice the “Out of Stock” tag on the website when I ordered the uni Thursday night?

  3. How long will it be before I actually get to ride my new machine?

  4. Is there any justice in this CRUEL WORLD?

Get in touch with Darren Bedford.

I just got mine from Darren. It’s shipping right now :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, the purpose of this post is to say that darren bedford is the man, and you should get one from him. Shipping for me wasn’t much more expensive than from!

EDIT: Yeah, they’ve been out of stock for a little while. I dunno when will get new ones. it could be a while.

Darren’s your man! :smiley:

I will call Darren as soon as humanly possible. My eyes are puffy and my nose is raw from this experience. I may have to expedite shipping in order to really feel better.

Re: Kris Holm Freeride Out of Stock???

Originally posted by onewheeljoe
[B]2. Is it possible that I actually didn’t notice the “Out of Stock” tag on the website when I ordered the uni Thursday night?

no you probably didnt miss the out of stock tag my buddy alex visser ordered a kh 20 and nothin said it was out of stock until they called and toled him. But if your living in the states you should be ordering from bedford because it is cheaper for you. Since I live in canada I order from mostly because i have grandparents who live in washington so i do have to pay tax and even with the conversion it is cheaper for me.

I have them in stock if you are looking for any KH unicycle.

Brock - You must be mistaken about getting things cheaper from the US. The price you see on the site is the price you pay. Just add shipping.

oh really wow I wish I had known that earlyer how much doe shipping cost to get something to B.C


The shipping rate depends on box size and weight.
Also how fast you want it is a factor too.
Over night to 7 days.

The 6 Profile spacers sent to James cost 1.00
to mail.

A Coker might be about 40.00.
Average price for a unicycle is 20.00-30.00
Parts are usually 5.00-15.00

Let me know next time you need something and I can give you a price. You will be glad you did I’m sure.


well since i am liking the look of this how much would a miyata seat cost to get here on the standard shipping speed?

The best dollar I’ve ever spent :slight_smile:

As always, thanks for everything Darren!