kris holm free ride saddle, 27.2 post, brake mount

I am looking for a seat, post , brake mount for a unicycle project. Preferably a kris holm free ride saddle. 27.2 seat post. I saw a cool handle once molded to the right hand shape, I would like to find one of those if anyone knows where to get it. Thanks. California USA

The scott wallis handles aren’t being made anymore unfortunately. They are typically hard to come by and expensive when you do. What size wheel do you need the seatpost for? A lot of people cut theirs down to size, so a used one may not be the right length. What kind of brake are you looking for a mount for? Do you need the magura attachment, or a d-brake adapter for a disc brake?


Thank for the name of the handle. The 27.2 post can be 8" or so, it’s going on a 27.5 plus muni. I only need the brake mount at the seat as the frame all ready has disc tabs.