Kris Holm frame on Koxx Hub?

Just curious as to whether a Koxx-One hub can house a KH frame.

On Koxx_one’s website it says that their frame’s are made for 40mm/42mm OD bearings and KH’s are made for 42mm OD as well. But, I really have no idea about anything to do with bearings. :thinking:

to answer your question. yes.

Yes, it works fine.


man, i’m loving that pink one.

Thanks. I searched, but not very well I guess.

I’m going for the one on the far right.

Also, the only reason I am considering this is because I’ve heard KH moment’s aren’t good for grinding, and that K1 street cranks are better. Any opinions? And are K1’s street cranks really that much weaker?

hey, i almost have that orange kh/koxx :smiley:
but i have kh/onza hub and cranks, and a different seat

I have no real experience with them, but I would imagine that the KH moments are great for grinding because they are flat. The Koxx street cranks are more prone to bending, tho mine have held up after about a year of drops jumps grinds and all. I dont think many people are bending their street cranks.

i love my Kh frame on my Koxx hub!!!

definatly worth the money i paid.

Yeah, I thought that moments would be great for grinding but Kelly told me the other day that Shaun J. was not particularly fond of the way they grind. Just curiosity for me. I’m going to get a new uni this summer, and I’m just scoping out al lthe options.

well, just get the kmoment hub and put koxx cranks on it then. they fit, but not the other way around.

i got the steet cranks on my orange bud and they feel good for grinding to me…
they seem strong enough for me, and the biggest thing ive taken em off is a 10ft drop at moab and but i never landed the drop and they held up fine for me…

That’s convincing enough to me. My biggest drop so far, is just over 5ft. And the biggest stair set attempt is 8. So right now I’m leaning toward either the koxx hub and cranks with KH frame or KH frame with KH hub and koxx cranks. Still not completely sure. Anyone know where the best price on a KH frame is? I heard Bedford has it for $150.

150 sounds like quite a deal, I thought they were 170USD.

You should check on that, they used to be $150 but the exchange rates have been changing and now the US dollar is very close to the Canadian dollar so I am not sure if it is the same now.

Grind on the pedals. Theres my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i have moments and with no plate on my pedal the crank does stick further down than the pedal, making it very hard to gring on crank and pedal. that would be why shaun doesnt like them, he doesnt use a plate. on my pedal i have made a plate from aluminium (aus spelling) or aluminum (us spelling) that is about 4 or 5mm thick which makes the plate and crank at the same height so they sit perfectly flat on a rail or a ledge etc…

also useing the moments with a grind plate will save you whatever the street cranks are worth.

where did you get that pic spencer??

thanks man