Kris Holm footage from NWD

I found Kris Holm’s section in the MTB dvd New World Disorder on youtube. It’s pretty old footage, he does some crazy stuff on a 26" muni.

(they have NWD 7 now, so it’s pretty old)

Yay! I’m watching it now! Thanx!!!

he nearly died.

a few times

naw, I’d say he’s teasing death.

Thanks for showing that vid, reminds me of when I was starting to ride. actually that vid has alot of the same clips that made me want to learn.

I never realized that that was all on a 26, thats sweet.

that was sweet. i was just hanging out for him to break something though. How much practice and effort would it take to be able to do all that? He is pretty insane.

10 gold stars!

I love the taco at the end…That was sweet.

great vid i didn’t know he was that good in trials :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny Job.


Hes had 7 years since then to get better.

I thought he was mostly doing muni…

Well trial came from muni, so he beter be good at trial to:)


Uh, yeah… that was like 7 years ago on a 26" muni. He’s 10x better on a 20" trials now.

Ironicly, Job is riding on a KH 20" and he doesn’t know how good Kris is :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how good he is but i didn’t know he was that good in trials

I agree, that was quite awesome! Most of those landings looked pretty rough. Does anyone know what kind of equipment he was using back then? What was even available?

Kris Holm owns death

The taco happened on his DM ATU. I have one of those, and Jerry Gruss rode his at MUni Weekend. It was the first unicycle to be built with a splined axle. I got mine in 1999. The other cycle Kris was using around the time of Universe 1 (2000) was a custom-made job, which I believe also had a splined axle but was all handmade.

DM was first, and it took a while before the Profile/Poznanter hub hit the market. I’m pretty sure it was second. Qu-ax might have been third, followed by KH?

that footage is from One Tired Guy. It’s still great stuff though.

Kris is outstanding at trials, both natural and urban. I believe he does urban trials at lunchtime most days. There are only a handful of riders who are even in his class; at CA MUni Weekend, despite the fact that pretty much everyone who entered the trials competition is better than me at trials, and some of them are quite talented, it was obvious that Kris was going to win before the competition even started, because none of the other top trials guys were there. He is able to clean lines which seem impossible.