Kris Holm featured in ESPN mag.

The new ESPN mag has a nice spread on Kris Holm and unicycling. Where is this forum based,the time of the posts is way off from eastern time

Cool! Any pictures?

Have any more information on the magazine? Is it just ESPN magazine or what?

I’d like to see that.

Try going to “User Cp” then “edit options” and set your time zone.

A neighbor just gave me the issue of ESPN magazine with the KH article.

They got some quotes from Nathan Hoover and Largo. How did you guys get in there anyway? It’s a fairly generic uni article, but it certainly positive and it reflects well on the sport.

Hmm, I wonder if the library caries that magazine…

The forums are based one time zone to the West of you East-coasters. Apparently you can set your relative time zone as well.

I’ll have to hit the news stand to see the new ESPN Magazine! I didn’t even know they had one until I was contacted by a “fact checker” a couple of weeks ago. I helped out with some of the information that mentions the earlier days of unicycling.

I think it was only my second time talking to a fact checker for an article. The other time was when Guinness grilled me before putting my 100m record into their book (1989-92). They wanted to make sure my information matched what they had received from the JUA or whoever. Fact checkers are good. The opposite is the inaccuracies, guesses and wishful thinking that often accompanies our quotes in lesser publications.