Kris Holm Creak!

Ok well every time i would get ready to hop and conpress my tire i would hear i creaking/click noise. So i messed around with my kh and noticed i could kind off move the spokes so they would make that noise. I was wondering is that bad I fixed it for now by moving them some but was wondering if i should check it at the bike shop?

I had the same noise on my old uni I just tightened the spokes, and it was fine.

what device is need to tighten spokes? Any household items that would work?

probably not a spoke to be honest. i have a feeling its your cranks…tighten them up.

is this a 06 or 07? i know the old onza cranks always were kinda squeeky unless you really tightened them down ALOT.


Its 07 what do i need to tighten these cranks the sound is gone now but i thought i was comin from the spokes and the cranks are tight.
Just checked the cranks are really tight i cant move em

Go to a bike shop, ask for a red park tool spoke wrench.

Will do,will do.

ask to the bike shop to do it

if you mess up your wheel will be descentralized

Better yet go to the bike shop, buy a spoke key and ask them to show you how to properly tighten your spokes so it will stay true, and so next time you can do it yourself.


Wrong. The red park tool is for 14g spokes. They make another one that will fit the 13g spokes on the KH. Just ask someone at your LBS for a 13g park tools spoke wrench.


The old KHs used the 14g, for the 07 he swapped to 13g.

ok guys thanks for the tips i took the uni to my lbs but they said the spokes were true and everything looked ok. So i start riding today and after awhile i hear the click again and its everytime i hop or compress my tire. In any more tips would be appreciated!


tighten up your handle and seat. trust me.

will do

checked it and it was tight.

not to threadjack, but i defenatly read this thread as Kris Holm Creek

If it’s your seat, it may not be a tightness issue–try shooting some lube into the seat rails area, and the seatpost/seatcollar as well. If that seems to be the problem area, you may want to loosen the seat rails, lube them up, and then re-tighten. That fixed my creaks when I thought it was the cranks making noise.

just ride until it breaks… then replace it… if you check everything there nothing wrong so just ride and have fun. I already had something like this but I ride and it stopped.