Kris Holm Colored Saddle?

I noticed when checking out the new KH Saddle that it had an option of colors such as black, grey, red, blue, and yellow has anyone seen a picture of these colored saddles (other than black which is the only color I’ve seen so far).

  Another question how come they are selling the KH Unicycles(such as the hookworm as sombody commented on earlier) in canada and some other countries but are mysteriously unavailable to us American Cyclists. 

                                Any answers will help.:D 


Take a gander at this yellow one that Steve Howard has been tinkering with:

That’s the only other color I’ve seen - I may have seen both gray and black, or I may have only seen one or the other. I’m not sure.

The hookworm isn’t a KH uni. It’s got the new Velo seat, but that’s the only think linking it to the KH unis. It’s got a Yuni (Nimbus II) frame and a hookworm tire. The hookworm isn’t coming out until December in the US probably because the KH saddle won’t be available until then.

I don’t know the reason why the KH unis aren’t coming out until December in US, but I have an educated guess. It all comes down to population. Norco will estimate how many units will be required to fill the demand in each area (Canada/Europe/US). Those numbers are probably significantly larger for US than for Canada and Europe. Therefore, Norco is probably going to take care of the lower demand areas first, then churn out the big numbers for the US.

<whistles at the beautiful saddle like it is a gorgeous woman>

That is a nice, nice seat my friend. Thankyou for the imput I am not so angered now at the fact of americas delay. But if anyone else has info please, please spit it out.:smiley:

it’s actually suprising that the unis are availible in the US, considering that norco almost only sells their bikes in canada.