Kris Holm:Bratislava -Slovakia, 2003

Came across this while browsing around youtube today.

you sneeky bugger Kris… how did you sneak this past us?
unless im the only one who hasn’t seen it.

that was awesome! i love this old stuff

Awesome !!! :slight_smile:

great thanks for sharing! It’s nice to see the beast fail at some things haha

Some of the best footage I’ve seen of Kris… Yeah where was this hiding?

He certainly owned those slopes & trials lines. Always interesting to see the other cyclist’s reaction when Kris is on scene.

We could not have a finer ambassador for our sport.

Thanks Jkohse for submitting this.

Great skills like Kris’s are timeless!

Old but still new

Either haven’t seen this before…
Thanks for sharing those glorious moments,
Kriss’s “slip & slides” are breathtakin’…

So cool :smiley: Love it.

Wow, that’s some of the best footage I’ve seen of Kris. It’s so old, but Muni is always as good :smiley: