Kris Holm Brake Question

Hello all, I apologize if this has already been covered in another post, but I did not find it in my search.

I am considering buying a KH26er that does not currently have a brake. I would like to install one and was hoping for some advice.

  1. What would be the best brake to install? Rim or hydraulic? I have not had any luck finding magura rim brakes for sale online and the disk brakes seem to be out of stock
  2. The frame does not have a disk brake mount so I assume I would need to buy a nimbus d brake attachment to make a disk brake work. Would the disk end up being inside or outside the frame with this option?
  3. Are spirit cranks necessary to add a hydraulic disk brake onto the kris holm? The unicycle currently has moment cranks.
  4. Also is there a specific hub I would need to make the brake work?

Any other advice regarding the brake situation is welcome! Thank you in advance!

$$ - On an old school KH I would go for hydraulic rim brakes. If you want new and can’t find any Maguras, search for Echo TR rim brakes. They are basically a copy that uses the same mounts and pads.

¢ - If you are a tinkerer you can make a V brake work. If you are interested I can give you some tips.

$$$ - If you want to run a disk the easiest way would be to use Spirit cranks and the d’Brake. You might need a couple washers to space out the caliper as the outboard standard is 1.5mm further from bearing centerline than inboard.

$$$$ - The other way to run a disk would be rebuilding the wheel with a new disk hub and using the d’Brake as intended. The hub would be any disk hub with standard 100mm bearing spacing and 42mm bearings (ISIS spline).