Kris Holm “Blue” Magura HS33 brakes, excellent condition, $95 per wheel

Kris Holm “Blue” Magura HS33 brakes, excellent condition, $95 per wheel

Very nice condition pre-2005 Magura HS33 brakes that are a very close color match to the blue color used by Kris Holm on his unicycle frames. These have the old style (Pre-2005) lever that I think is better suited for unicycle use. It’s getting hard to find these out there in this kind of condition AND in Kris Holm Blue. HS33’s are the gold-standard brake for Maggies on your unicycle. The short lever blade with red adjustment wheel lets you dial in the distance between the brake pads and the rim – on the fly, as you ride.

Comes with whatever brake line length you want, NEW black brake pads, new black lever blade/TPA knob and are bled and tested for leaks. I also replace all worn parts with new so you get a world class unicycle brake for less dough than you’d pay for new.

These brakes will fit on any Kris Holm unicycle: 20, 24, 29 and 36 or any brand of unicycle (Hunter, Nimbus, etc) or bike that comes with dedicated four-bolt Magura mounts that look like this: a place to mount a lever under the saddle like this:

Comes with what you see in the pictures, so you will still need to get a set of Magura four bolt mounts like this : to mount the brake on your unicycle. And, yes this brake is compatible with the KH spooner.

PAYPAL works best for me, but money orders are also ok.
$95 USD per wheel and add another $5 for USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US (2-3 days) and $10 for first class shipping to Canada (7-9 days). I ship the day after I receive funds.

I’ll set up your brake with whatever length of brake line you want from 18" on up to 30". I can also help you determine the right length of brake line for your leg length and unicycle wheel size. Just ask.

I flush and bleed all brakes with fresh Magura blue blood before I test, pack and ship your brake. Bleeding hydraulic brakes is messy and no fun - and so you won’t have to deal with fluid leaks, after I assemble and bleed them with fresh Magura blue blood, I test them all for leaks by putting the wheel cylinders into a custom test jig that I made. There, I’ll cycle the brake pistons under full power to check for leaks without having to bolt them up to a unicycle frame.

Want something else you don’t see here? I also have other Magura brake sets for sale (HS11, HS22 and more HS33’s on the way) and I repair Magura rim brakes if you have a set that leaks, needs repair or just bleeding.

PM me if you have questions. Also, a more direct way to communicate with me is e-mail at the e-mail address below.

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