Kris Holm bent seat?

I’ve ridden my KH 24" a few times now, and when I have landed on the front of the seat with no feet on the pedals, the seat gets bent slightly down, making it uncomfortable to ride. I had to fix it three times after some falls, and I was wondering if the metal on the bottom of the seat is bent.

Here are some pictures of what I mean:

I have no idea what the seat is supposed to look like, but I can’t think of what else it could be.

Whoa! My kh seat rails bent too but no where near that much! Even though mine are only slightly bent I can’t find anyway to bend it back! How did you bend those rails back? :thinking:

PS: those rails are supposed to be straight like below.


it would be better to bend them more.
there is no reason to bend them back, as it would only make it weaker. welding another bar in it is a viable option, assuming you could get it out of the way. I thik you could just leave it and it would be fine once it bends the rest of the way.

Wow, yeah, I guess I was right. I bought this uni used, so its possible that it could have been like this before I got it. I guess I’ll have to either deal with it or buy a new seat… bummer…

Edit: Do I have to buy a new seat or can I just buy a new part?

just buy the bracket, or ditch it and go w/ a normal seatpost, and use the other type of attachment for a brake mount

Is it possible that I caused this problem by landing on the front of my seat? Has anyone else had this happen?

uhm unless you went really big, or the person before used it very extremely, i dont see how that could have been done… quite alot of people use that adapter on their Trials uni and they dotn seem to have a problem…

Just get a new adapter or go for a std seatpost… unless your saddle frame is broken

just get a regular seatpost and bolt that on, it should go inside the rail adapter.

maybe, but from the looks of it

From the second photo it looks like the seatpost was clamped right at the back of the rails. This could have contributed to the bending as it leaves a fairly long section of rail unsupported. If you get a new bracket then mount the seatpost in the middle of the rails, this will reduce the risk of bending the new bracket.


When I went down to Richmond in November, I saw that Frank’s (hell-on-wheel) rails were bent in a similar manner. He still rode them, and it seemed fine. I would just attach the seatpost on to a non-bent part of the rails.

Get rid of the seat rails!

Get rid of the seat rail. Buy the older simlple seat post. It is your ceapest option, you will also have more seat to grab onto for SIF.

I am planning on geting the New KH24 07 this spring and I will ask UDC to downgrade to the the old seatpost.


you can put the “old” seatpost inside the rails and bolt it to the seat, that is the best option IMO, but I think the “old” KH seatpost would snap way before you did that to the rails…

Just buy a new set of rails…Or drop some cash into a Thompson post and De-rail base.

but if he buys new rails then he will kill them as well. the same product in the same situation is probably going to perform the same way.

i say get a goood regular seatpost, or just keep adjusting the clamp until it breaks completely, but it always sucks to break something in the middle of a ride.

Maybe not. Could have been due to abuse by the previous owner. Or maybe there was a batch of KH rails made with softer metal for the rails than other batches (that’s just speculation on my part)?

I’d say replace it with a new one if it’s for a muni. If it’s for a trials then a standard seatpost might be better (easier for holding the seat for seat out).

Looking at the photos it becomes evident that the seat post was clamped to the back of the rails… Bad idea.
I managed to bend my rails straight enough to get the post to clamp at the front and that was problem solved.
The strongest place to clamp the post is to the front of the rails, as they will not bend when your put downward force on the front of the saddle.

I would just say you should adjust the angle on the seat post so its normal again, and ride it till it beaks, and then get a new rail adapter/traditional seatpost.

doesn’t it feel COMPLETELY different when its at the front compared to the back of the rails?

but it really sucks having to carry extra parts w/ you.