Kris Holm air seat conversion?

Is this possible? I’m thinking about going to the bike store, buying a small inner tube and just positioning it on top of the foam of my kris holm seat and then duct taping it on. Will this combo of foam and air work? Or will it be a complete disaster?

are you going to restaple your seat cover on? do you think your seat cover can accomadate both a fat piece of foam AND an innertube?


Sweet, I was just discussing this with a friend yesterday… is it possible? Practical? Has it been done? Inquiring Minds want to know!
I find the KH seat very comfortable on the trails, but as soon as I start riding home from the trails, it starts being annoying…

No, I just plan on duct taping the air tube on top of the seat cover.

The saddle will probably be too high if you duct tape it on top ot the cover. The duct tape wont last too long either. After a short time it wil start to roll the edges of the tape and the sticky side will be exposed causing an extremely uncomfortable rubbing. .I may be wrong about this, but i’ve had tape on my seat before and it doesnt work for a long term solution. Give it a try if you like and let us know how it works. If memory serves me correct, there has been a thread on this before.

This is thinuniking here using my girlfriends p.c! KH airseats totally possible, I would say worth it but i am unsure i don’t like air seats much but anyways! to bouncey for muni me thinks!

I wouldn’t use all the foam and an innertube. Do some cutting my friend, thin out the foam or get some new stuff and then put it all under a cover- it’s why they’re called covers!

As for bouncing, try the foam and tube in a different set ups- tube sandwiched between foam, tube beneath etc etc and also play around with tbe pressures. You don’t need much air at all!