Kris Holm 36" - Assemble and Ride

Just a short video of my recent uni-acquisition. The fantastic KH36! :smiley:

Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Cool video. Thanks for sharing.

At the beginning I wasn’t paying attention and doing something else. So many videos have adverts these days so when I heard the music I figured it was playing an advert that I’d skip in a few minutes. I looked for the skip button and then realized there was no advert.

Very cool video. Kudos for doing the whole thing outside! I liked the brief appearance of the bike rider giving assistance.

A light-hearted, fun vid.

How did you get that Nightrider on so easily? I usually have to break out the iron core tire irons.

Lovely video Felix :slight_smile:
It’s a lovely unicycle and you look very confident riding it.
Well Done :slight_smile:


Out of the box and off you go!

Cool video. Congratulations!

Nice video!:slight_smile: