Kris Holm 29" Now listed on ebay.

My KH 29er is now up for sale on ebay as I need to pay for a guitar speaker…

I’m more than a little gutted to be selling it but I’m keeping my Nimbus 19 Trials…

Take a look and if you have any questions, just shout out…

Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire in the UK.

I think it’s too expensive for a blue hub / single hole moment cranks / old type seat post / narrow rim / HS11 Magura

Still for sale, not on ebay though. Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

£250 is a fair price I would say. It would be difficult to get another for the same price.
If you’re interested send me a PM.

See above my comments

Why are you saying that those items mean it should be worth less?

Why does the fact that it has a blue hub and old seatpost mean it’s not worth the money?
Please could you explain your logic? Also, if you read the sticky it says “please don’t post unnecessary criticism”.

I can see how the fact that disc brakes are probably better than the rim brake on this but you can’t get a KH 29" unicycle with the newer parts on, unless you buy new and spend even more. The old seatpost has never been an issue and as far as I’m aware there haven’t been any reasons to doubt them…

If you put reasons up for the fact that a blue hub isn’t any good etc. then it would sound more constructive than just stating that it’s not worth looking at.

There are some unicyclists who’d easily get their £250 worth out of this unicycle instead of £500 for a new one, which you can’t get from at the moment as they’re out of stock.

I have 3 KH29 at home for me (muni with disc), my son (Schlumpf) and my daughter (2005 frame but with ISIS blue hub)
I’m getting soon another one from a friend who doesn’t uniride anymore, it will be for a young friend christmas gift; same model as yours but for much less than half of your price, I know this is a very nice price but 250£ is too much

blue hub means 2007 model, so it’s a very old even if in good condition.
narrow rim doesn’t allow big tyre volume available with latest moutain bikes 29 tyres
old type seatpost is very very heavy
Magura HS11 is not same as HS33
Single hole cranks is not convinient on a 29 as you can have 2 unis in one with dual holes 125/150
Snafu pedals are very heavy and not grippy

415€ was the price in France when new (without Magura brake) so consider maximum of this price now 8 years later, around 150£

Ok thanks for your advice.
Some of the parts of this Uni are older than new ones so bear that in mind if you think about purchasing it.
I’ve never stated in the post that it had HS11 or HS33, just magura rim brakes.
I’ve also never stated that it would work with the latest mountain bike tyres, are there still tyres available for it though? Yes, there are.
The seatpost being “very heavy” is a bit of a nonsense in my opinion, the whole uni is heavy, I’m over 100kg in weight so a few ounces off a seatpost doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference.
Yes you can also get dual hole cranks but you can also get lots of other parts that aren’t on this unicycle, the fact that they’re single hole might have other benefits such as stronger, less likely to fill up the threads with junk etc…
The Snafu pedals that are on there are plenty grippy enough and may be heavy but refer back to my earlier comment about the importance of weight in a muni…

On the other hand don’t buy it, if you’re not interested in buying it don’t comment on it unless there’s a question in the thread about whether it’s worth the value or not.

Would you appreciate it if I came over to your blog and started criticising the prices of all the other unicycles you’re selling? I know I certainly don’t.


please read again my posts, I just wrote : I think … , consider …
only advices

Yes but would you be happy if I did that on your website in the comments, stating that I think everything is too expensive…?
I’m guessing the answer would be Non.

To hell with it, I’m not going to get involved in shit like this. Bye…

Not arguing with people on the internet, it’s a waste of a life. Byeeee.


This uni is now sold.