Kris Holm 26" rim

Cannot find any 26" freeride rim. Can you suggest me a european site where to buy it?

Seems no more available at all shops I checked
Why not a Nimbus Dominator, it’s 42mm wide / 36H
I found a Koxx yellow if you want

I have similar problem but with 26" 48 hole rim. I know that 48 hole setups are outdated, but I need one and I cannot find one anywhere…
If you use disc brake I’d suggest Spank Stiffy EVO 40. (but I don’t know if 36 hole version is made)

Cannot find a drilled dominator in Europe. Can you tell me where to look?

UDC AU still has at least one left. Might be expensive by the time you factor in shipping though.

I have a Koxx Try-All rim on my MUni, and it’s a great rim. Not a bad option.

If you have a 48 hole hub why not just build it with a 32 hole rim? There are loads of options in 32 hole.

I laced it with 36 hole rim but I’d like to have standard spokes, not 6 different lenghts :slight_smile:

Mad4One has rims as well:

Received today the yellow Koxx! Now I should find its ERD (or understand how to measure it) and order correct spokes.

Great !
Many links and video on google at “measure ERD rim”

There was a recent thread about wheelbuilding where we covered a couple of ways to measure ERD. Jener8or posted a photo of the two spokes method that with a bit of care is easy, and accurate. If you don’t have a caliper (like in the photo) you can use a rubber band to pull the spokes together, then use a ruler to measure from the inside of one bend to the inside of the other.

If I was building a single wheel that’s the way I would do it.