Kris Holm 26 Muni

I hate to sell this outright, but I might have a chance to get a unicycle that I am interested in. So for today or until the unicycle I’m interested in sells I’m willing to sell this for $475.00. The differences from what is pictured is the uni will have a blue saddle cover, no brake and metal pedals. If the one I want sells then I’m going back to my original wanting to trade the 26 for a 24
Paypal only, buyer pays shipping costs.

I forgot specs if anyone needs them, sorry…

Saddle: KH blue freeride, second generation KH design base with front lift handle, and brake mount
Frame: KH Signature blue 26"
Rim: KH 26", 36 hole
Rim strip: Blue vinyl
Tube size: 26" x 2.3
Tire: WTB Stout 2.3” tire with high sidewall stability and rolling efficiency (frame fits up to a 3" tire)
Crank arms: KH Moment ISIS, 150 mm, polished aluminum
Pedals: Metal Jim Cs
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm
Approx. cycle weight: 14.01 lbs.

Price $465.00 because I cut the seat post due to my size and you might have to purchase a replacement.