Kris Holm 24" XC on

I’m selling my Kris Holm 24" XC on ebay…

Reserve is 100ukp.

Selling because I bought it thinking serious muni was the thing I wanted to do, but instead I’ve found myself enjoying distance road riding - largely because there’s very little interesting (accessible) terrain here and no hills at all (I’m in Cambridge, UK - probably the least scenic part of the country!), which is great for road riding but not so good for off-road!

Larger version of picture attached.

You could also see if someone would want to trade it for a used KH 29".

DUDE how high is your seatpost! DAMN! you must be SUPER tall

my seatpost on my 24 comes out like 4 inches !

Tioga seatpost? Does all KH munis come with those?

This is from his auction on ebay.

Picture shows longer (325mm) Tioga T-Bone aluminium alloy seatpost,
included as well as original KH one.

wow that thing looks like it has never been ridden! im sure someone will snap it up real fast.

Yes, I am super tall - well, I’m 6’, which is merely tall, but I have disproportionately long legs. The body of someone 5’8" and the legs of someone 6’4", I think is how someone described me…

And yes, it’s hardly been ridden - less than 10miles total, no drops or anything, just along a couple of very easy trails…

You should see his 20". Really, it’s crazy-looking :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this particular muni in the metal, and it is really in very good condition.

Well, there’s only about 8 hours left, and at the moment it’s going for 144ukp.

A bargain for someone, surely…

Grrrr, I got outbid. Wanna sell it to me anyway? lol

Holy crap. Some one tell me how much one of these badboys is new because everyone is saying “Oh man, thats a great deal!” but with exchange and shipping to Canada…

216.00 GBP = $459.55 CAN

  • 45.00 GBP = $90.00 CAN Shipping
    Total = $549.55 CAN delivered

This seems like a great deal for the seller and not so much for the buyer. Like I said, please correct me if I am wrong, but could I not get a new one for close to this price. I just checked Kris Holms XC at Bedford. $615.00 new, so not a bad deal all around, but I think I might have wanted to spend the extra dough and get it new.

True, but I live in the UK and would have been able to collect it in person if I’d won. That would make it about $460 CAN. Somewhat better deal me thinks :slight_smile:

I was watching it and would have paid 150 quid. 216 is not a bargain if the new one goes for 280 ish, gongrats for the seller.