Kris Holm 24 x 3 Muni

Brake does not work, I think it needs new ferrules.
Everything else is in great condition.

Let me know what questions you have. I’ll update more specifics this afternoon.

Currently being stored at my parents house in CT, USA.

Best Reasonable Offer.


Bump, I’d also take a trade for a decent freestyle unicycle. Nimbus X or something similar.


This is a KH?

What year/cranks/tire (type)?

I am located in CT, just curious… I’ve got a 20" KH, but I dont think that’s what you’re really looking for…

It looks like an '04 CrMo KH24. I think the cranks are 8 or 10 splined tubular CrMo.

I think this is correct (I don’t know the number of splines). I haven’t ridden it in a few years.

It is a Duro Racing Wildfire Leopard 24" x 3.0" Tire.

What size are the cranks?

I picked up one of these and it was surprizingly light, considering it’s steel. It, w/ a 3" tire was easily at least a pound lighter than my '06 Torker DX, w/ a 2.6" tire.

What are you looking to get for it?

I know it says best reasonable offer, but I’m curious what you consider reasonable.

I’d go $250 sight unseen, plus S+H to Hawaii, but I suspect it could be worth more.

where in nort america are you?!? Im in ottawa ontario canada

I don’t know what size the cranks are off the top of my head, and I don’t have it here to check. They are quite large though. I’ll check on it as soon as I can, and post back here.

I’d like to get more than $250 for it. It is in great condition. If it doesn’t go in some kind of a soonish time frame though I’d consider this offer, but I’ll probably try to haggle you up from there, hah!

I am in CT, USA. Shipping to CA will probably be $50 or $60, USPS. I’ll be up in your neck of the woods in January for Turbo Fest!

how about $300 for it?

Nice uni do you know an approximate weight on it

hey if you have clearer pic of it … id like to prossibly pick it up in mtl in jan. when ur at the Turbofest

Added more images for those who wanted them. Sorry it took me so long.


I’ll throw in these videos too.

Would you sell the movies alone? :roll_eyes: I’m already building a second muni, I dont really want a third one!

$40.00 shipped, for all four? (three of these are on VHS).


Deal. PM’ed! :smiley:


If the KH 24 is still available please let me know…