Kris Holm 24 " Pro

does anybody have a Kris Holm 24 " Pro i was wondering if its a pretty good uni for the extreme price. i never really heard of anyone having one.interesting.


This is what people bought before the introduction of the cheaper KH equivalents available now.

alright so is this any better than say the new Kh that just came out?

i dont think so. The new KH’s are lighter, and have a new line of components. Not many people own them yet, so most people dont know how good they are. The 05’ stuff I think is more worth getting, especially for the price compared to the one you were looking at. The new ones don’t come with a brake, so you should add one if you think you are going to get into it more.

I have a HK Pro. Back then it wasn’t called “Pro”, just KH. It was about the only game in town back then. The choices were basically Hunter or the KH. The KH has the neat two bolt Magura brake mount and Hunter wasn’t doing that style of brake mount yet. So I got a KH.

There isn’t much of a need for the KH Pro now. There are other alternatives that are good for less money. If you don’t know why you would need it then you don’t need it.

If I was looking for a muni now I’d very likely end up with the new 2005 KH Freeride.