Kris Holm 24'' for sale

Folks, I have a Kris Holm 24’’ to sell. Black frame.
I bought it in 2004 but it has been sitting in the corner of my flat for a long time. I live in London, UK and it isn’t the best place for Muni.

I paid around 270£ at that time but I’ll sell for 130£

Let me know if you are interested and about shipping, well i’m in the UK so I guess it will be easier if you are as well

message me at antoine.fafard gmail com

do you have the specs?



yes, I did change the cranks for shorter one, i’ll post the original one as well

Let me know for anything else

I have dibs on this I believe, already exchanged E-Mails a couple times.

Will be buying it if shipping works out in my favour.

Is this gone, or still in play?

I’m 99% sure it’s mine :slight_smile: The other 1% is shipping, his friend is bringing it to Quebec in a week or two I believe, then shipping it to me. That way shipping isn’t super expensive.