Kris Holm 24" for sale

A few months after I got a KH 36" which I was enjoying immensely, UDC ran a sale on the KH 24". I thought I might try off-road uni so I bought one. Well after only ridding the 24" for just about 10 rides (all off-road), I decided that I would stick to just on-road with the 36". So I want to sell the 24".

It is the model just before the current model (I have had it for over a year thinking I would go back it). So it is set up for a brake but doesn’t have one. It has a Fusion Zero saddle (not the newer Fusion One), and a T-bar. As I said I only rode it for about 20 miles, all off-road, so the tire is almost brand new. The T-bar was one I took off a 29" so it has a few scratches on it but the uni is almost scratch free.

I am asking $350.00 + shipping. I live in southern CA near Riverside. I have a PayPal acct.

(I will post a picture as soon as I can get one.

Here is a picture of the unicycle


I am interested in your 24" kh and am in riverside until Wednesday night, 12-29-16 (I live in NY). Couldn’t figure out how to private message. Could you email me at Thanks.