Kris holm 2012 Bearing caps

Thought this might be useful to post as I hadn’t seen any pictures posted already.

As most of you know the 2012 bearing holders and caps are machined down to allow enough room for the disc bolts when using the Spirit cranks, I was surprised by how much.

Another interesting point is that the inside bearing face has been machined clean of powder coat which makes sense as my other 3 KH frames were very tight on the caps and need a big tug to get the wheel out. This maybe of interest to Schlumpf owners due to slipping of the knurled end of the hub as the powder coat gave a tighter fit? There is no internal lip on these ones which is for schlumpf hubs I believe?

Hope this is of interest/use

Hey feisty,

Kris explained it all here… Announcing the new KH gear for June 2012



Cheers I thought he lack of lip was meant for that but though a comparison picture would be useful especially for people retro fitting spirit cranks to old frames as it gives an idea of how much material needs removing :slight_smile:

Yeah, the amount of grinding on the frame to retrofit with Spirits/disc was enough to start making me nervous. But seems OK so far.

And here is me with a 2012 frame when I wanted a non disc tab one as I ran an Oracle hub :stuck_out_tongue:

I might try whacking the caliper on upside down to see how it aligns and if it would be feasible (with a caliper that uses a banjo bolt so as to be able to rotate the hose angle) to tun the hub and brake on the right to use the tab mount instead of the D Brake.

worth a play :slight_smile:

If your plan doesn’t work out, we could swap frames. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would a long distance trade :stuck_out_tongue:

I hae a D-brake mount anyway so I am not that fussed and I may get a Schlumpf at stome point so it gives me the option to run a crank mounted rotor if I go down that route way down the line (be more for road use and 1:1 off road as it is bloomin hilly around here).

True, but if you want to trade your new 2012 frame for my well-used 2008 frame that I’ve taken a grinder to, I might pay for the shipping. :wink:

Man you make a tempting pitch! :stuck_out_tongue: