Kris Holm 2008 Website Launch


As some of you may already know the new and improved Kris Holm Unicycles website is now live. It’s been in the making for a while and I hope that it satisfies everyone’s thirst for the latest KHU products.

There are still a few housekeeping things to do in the short term:

  • The sponsored rider bio pages will be cleaned up and formated consistently.
  • The About KH section will see the addition of a photo gallery and a KH film listing page.

Please also note that we are still waiting for some of the final product photos which did not make it in time for the sites release. Most notable of these include the Sym cranks (shipping final product cranks are black) & Pulse Gloves (photos on the site are the 2007 version).

Should you have any feedback about the new site please send it to
web@*REMOVETHISTEXT* rather than filling up the newsgroup/forum with posts.


good website

that website is alot beter then the old one! :sunglasses:

i liked the new age look of the old one. It looked on edge, the new one looks sorta basic once you go onto it imo, but get a whole lot more user friendly looking, and a lot more professional.

Yay!!!, new website!!!

yay!!! new stuff on the website!!! Oh and cool website btw :smiley:

I know there isn’t much you can do about it but I’m finding it extremely slow and I can’t get it to load. works from, but the KH website just keeps on trying to load and going nowhere.

This is because I’m in Japan at the moment, but still I’m sure KH wants customers from around the world.

Hey Nathan,
Send me a quick e-mail at web@*REMOVETHISTEXT* with the following details:
Type of Connection (dial-up, hotel hi-speed, best estimate, etc.)
Browser/OS you’re using
How long it’s taking to load the front page (seconds, minutes, not at all?)


i get the old website.
and your email address doesn’t work either

great site…

man i would really REALLy like to see the the other frames or at least the trials with the choice of the blue or chrome

If you have a direct bookmark it is quite possible that you still see the old site. For the time being the old pages are still online and accessible. Be sure to use and bookmark when accessing the Kris Holm website.

As for the e-mail address please make sure you delete the text REMOVETHISTEXT in the address prior to sending.


David Hobbs is magical…
his text goes outside the box
browser-Mozilla Firefox 2, one update behind

Oh yeah hahaha so it does! and I have firefox 3.

IE same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

woop woop. Go for the peopel still on ff2!

tight site kris! a huge improvment on the last one and also i’m so stoked on the new parts and unis your putting out for the 08 season! my 07 has been amazing. upgradeing to the new 08 will be sick tho!

thanks for the amazing products

jon A

Looks a loooooooot like Apple’s website. Like, almost exactly. Which is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, I like Apple’s website. Good job.

Looks great, nice new produtcs.

But what about the secret point 11 at the “Product Line-up Launch”?



And more new parts than I expected or even hoped for:D