Kris Holm 20"

Would anyone recommend this unicycle for learning freestyle tricks? I like
the square fork for tricks AND the fat tire for jumping. This is one of the
few unicycles I’ve seen with that combination that is within my price range.
I don’t know much about Munis and their usefulness in other areas of

Sorta OT

Nice price; comparative to the Onza. It will be interesting to see how the wheel/hub/cranks hold up.



I dont think it would be a good free style uni at all as the tyre is much to wide and its just not right. it would be like trying freestyle bike on a mountain bike(forgive my crude example but that is the only way to make my point.

i don’t know us bike trials riders are pretty good at freestyle, etc

Re: No

I’m not sure about this. I have wanted to play with a Trials uni to see what advantages/disadvantages it has as a freestyle uni.

In my case, the first disadvantage is the tire. For indoor riding, the “Plasmatic” tire I have is unusable. It marks up the gym floor, so I have to keep it outside.

I think a Trials uni will offer great advantages in learning anything involving wheel walking and hopping. But the heavier wheel might be problematic for some other skills where you want quick movements, like unispins.

Crank length/width is also an issue. My old freestyle 20" has 125mm cranks and those are considered long for freestyle. My new one has 110 or 102. The 140mm cranks on the KH are probaby perfect for Trials but will be long for freestyle. I think they’ll be fine for learning most basic moves, but will get in your way if you start getting fancy. Longer cranks mean your pedals will hit the ground more easily in turns or spins.

So if you’re real serious about focusing on Freestyle, I’d recommend one of the more freestyle-specific models, the top of which is the Wyganowski. But if you want to be able to bang around outside (trials) and also learn some tricks (also outside; the tire may not be good for inside), this unicycle should be an excellent choice.

if you put some non shin ripping pedals on it i’t’d be fine for freestyle,
i’ve seem people do some great freestyle moves on trials unis.
the onza tyre dosent seem to mark floors and i belive the kh20 has an onza tyre,
montys on the other hand do mark the floor.

some freestyle tricks are easyier with shorter cranks trials unis have longer cranks.

its a compromise. but it realy depends what level of rider you are

i like my trials uni for freestyle but my freestsye uni is more suited to more dificult freestyle stuff

Yeah those fat cushy tires make tight turns a lot harder than the Primo. Since the hopping requirements for freestyle are minimal there’s not much advantage there. There’s excessive weight in the tire for idling too. The Sem XL with a Miyata seat is fine for freestyle; you get the flat crown and you’ll spend a lot less than $400.

If you are light you can put low pressure in the Primo tire and get some good hopping action, then increase the pressure for turns, spins, and pirouettes. That’s what my nephew does and he hops up some pretty high steps.

But if your focus is freestyle you’ll probably be happiest with a freestyle uni.