Kris Holm 20" with CF base

I’m selling my used kris holm trials unicycle. It comes with a carbon fibre seat base. I can upload more pictures if necessary.

I am from kingston, ON, Canada. I can ship anywhere in North America.

Asking $400 CAD + shipping (OBO)

I can upload more pictures if necessary.

can we negotiate price?!

I’m moving up to Kingston in June for the summer. How is unicycling there?

Are there many options for muni around the area? I’m debating bring my 36er or my muni, not sure if I can fit both.

We’ve got a few unicyclist here, a lot who ride, but only a couple who go out on organized rides. I have a 36er, Iain has a 29er, and I know a couple other guys with a 29er and a 36er.

I would bring the 36er, as the muni paths are mainly flat ground and are doable on a 36er, I ride some with 125s.

It’ll be great to have another unicyclist here!

Here are some more pictures:

Price is changed to $350 CAD + shipping

can i have the cf base? :slight_smile:

Sorry Jagster, I would prefer to sell the uni with the cf base, for I do not have another base to replace the carbon fibre one with. Also my friend has already asked me the same question and I declined him so it wouldn’t really be fair.

I’m interested!

looks good!

Uni is still up for grabs.

Price is down to 275 (CAD)+shipping

That is a super good deal! If I didn’t already have 3 trials unicycle, I’d buy this unicycle right now! Good luck selling it, it should be gone soon at that price!

Since when do you have 3 trials unicycles? 4 would definitely be a bit overkill! I also hope it sells, I don’t think I will go any lower in price.

I have 3 trials unicycles since I decided to take all my random parts and built a third one! I’ve had 2 completes for a really long time now. I’m thinking about selling one of the complete beast and a few of the “still good” parts. I only ride my Triton anyway, my custom KH is taking dust now.

pm sent



is this still available and if it is can get it in the US?