Kris Holm 20" Make Me An Offer

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have an older style Kris Holm 20in uni here, in great condition. It’s the one with the KH/Onza hub and cranks.

I’m happy keeping it, but it’ll spend most of its life in a cupboard… So if someone makes me a good enough offer I’ll probably take it.

Buyer to pay postage, or collection from Cleethorpes

Any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Obviously you don’t need the money or the uni so why don’t you donate or lend it to someone who could use it?

Ask them to pass it on after they’re done learning.

…instead of letting the toy rot in the cupboard.

Who on earth said I didn’t need the money? :thinking:

Honestly if I didn’t need cash pretty much asap it would be in the cupboard, not ‘rotting’, just waiting for a time when 36er distance riding isn’t doing it for me :wink:

I got it for a bargain price, so I thought I’d let people make me offers on it. If the offers are too low for me I’ll put it back in the cupboard and struggle through until payday lol

So how much are you looking for for it? You must have a target in mind.

I’m not sure what a fair price for it would be if I’m honest.

If anyone would like to suggest what a fair asking price would be, that’d be great :slight_smile:

Ok, as I’m not getting any offers rolling in, how does offers above £80 sound? I think that’s low enough to allow someone to buy a decent Isis hub and crank set, and have a sweet uni for under £200.

I’ll take the highest offer by tomorrow evening or, if I have no offers, I’ll chuck it on ebay :slight_smile:

This is now advertised on other sites. Grab a bargain while you still can!! :slight_smile:

This is now SOLD!

It went for a bargain price of £102 :slight_smile:


is this uni still available?