Kris Holm 20" Longneck Flatland (KH20FL)

Time to downsize – selling my rather nice KH Flatland! The uni’s in excellent condition except for 1 scratch on the neck (see pic), some pedal scuffs and seat wear.

It hasn’t taken any big drops (I can only go off curbs at my skill level), and has maybe 5 or 10 hours of use. I didn’t even have to clean it before taking the pics - it really is almost new (except for the seat).

The thin seat that came with it didn’t work for me so I sold it and mounted an older KH Freeride instead (MUCH more comfortable, at least for my anatomy!). These seats have a drawstring cover, so it’s easy to get to the foam if you want to trim it down to be thinner or narrower. I wouldn’t, but feel free! Anyway, that’s why the seat looks used and everything else looks almost new.

It’s all factory stock (except for the seat):

  • less than a year old
  • Longneck KH 20" frame
  • KH moment hub
  • 110 moment cranks (ISIS)
  • Maxxis Grifter 20 x 2.1 tire
  • 20" KH Flatland rim

Note that you cannot mount a 19" trials tire on the 20" flatland rim. The KH website says the FLs come with 19" rims but I believe that’s a typo. Same for the cranks - 110 moments were stock.

I’m asking $400, with free pickup in Seattle. I will ship it if you pick up the tab but only to continental USA addresses please.

I could also swap the 110 moment cranks for a set of pristine 125mm Spirits for an extra $40 (they’re even newer than the uni and just as perfect). This would be a swap though so I could keep the 110’s for a future project.

all photos here:

Not the Trails model

Just a little more detail about this uni: The KH20FL Flatland model is being phased out and you can’t buy them new anymore in North America (I think the Latin America store still has thing though: This isn’t the same as the two 20" KH’s for sale on Those are both based on the Trials configuration (one with a short-neck frame and one with a long). Both of those have the big fat Creepy Crawler 19" trials tire and a 19" trials rim. They call them 20’s though (outside diameter of tires?) and they come with 137 Spirits and pedals with metal spikes.

So compared to either of those:

  • the Flatland frame is the same as the 20" longneck Street model
  • the Flatland came with 110 moment cranks instead of 137 spirits
  • the Flatland rim is a 20" that takes a 20" tire (not the 19" Trials/Street)
  • the Flatland came with a skinnier 20x2.1 freestyle-like tire rather than the big knobby 19x2.5 Trials/Street tire.
  • the Flatland pedals are less likely to draw blood.

I don’t recall if the seat is the same but I changed it as noted.

No longer available (kahunacohen filled me with doubt – keeping it for now).