Kris Holm 20" Long Neck & Kris Holm 29"

For the Kris Holm 29" (S$750 SGD), the link is

Included: I will throw in a T-bar touring handle as well.

*FRAME: 29¡±, 7005 aluminum. Machined bearings, butted seatpost tube, rounded flat crown.

*COLOR: KH Signature blue

*HUB: KH Moment ISIS CrMo

*CRANKS: KH Moment ISIS, 137/165 mm double hole

*PEDALS: Odyssey Cielencki Trailmix

*RIM: KH 29 Inch, 36 hole, 38mm wide, eyelets, offset spokes

*SADDLE: KH Fusion Freeride

*SEATPOST: KH adjustable seatpost

*TIRE: WTB Stout 29 x 2.3 Inch

*SPOKES: 13G SS with brass nipples

*BRAKE MOUNT: Magura¢â brake compatible.


*Weight: 6.2 kg.

For the Kris Holm 20" (S$500 SGD), the link is Hardly used.

Carefully crafted to withstand abuse while remaining lightweight, the KH20 Longneck Trials unicycle is built specifically for trials and street riding.
The purpose of the longneck frame is to put the seatpost clamp a few inches below the saddle.
This helps prevent the rider from catching clothing and garments on the clamp which can hinder the effect of the street and trials tricks.


*FRAME: KH Longneck, 7005 aluminum. Machined bearings, 30cm butted seatpost tube.

*COLOR: KH Signature blue, powder coated

*HUB: KH Moment ISIS CrMo

*CRANKS: KH Moment ISIS, 137 mm

*PEDALS: Odyssey Cielencki Trailmix & Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals

*RIM: KH 19", 36 hole, 47 mm wide, eyelets, offset spokes, ovalised holes

*SADDLE: KH Fusion Street Gel

*SEATPOST: KH Forged 27.2x350mm bolt-on style, sand blast black

*TIRE: 20x2.50 Maxxis Creepy Crawler

*SPOKES: 13G SS with brass nipples


Weight: 5.6 kg (with metal pedals)

Prices are negotiable, do contact me at I am located in Singapore.

Reminder: the prices are quoted in Singapore dollars, do the currency conversion.

If there are interested buyers, I will take a couple of shots over the weekend.