Kris Holm 20-inch Trials

hey folks, need one of these, preferably barely used, just wish to get one cheaper than $570, looking to pay around $450-500 (funds i don’t currently have but can acquire within several weeks).


I would let mine go for 425 if you are interested. I’m in southern California. Where are u located?

How does $457 brand new sound?

Use coupon code: VIP15

I’ve ordered from these guys before and they are reputable.

Yeats u need to buy at least 10? Lol that’s the cost to the retail I’m open to offers as well for

No, that’s the stock they have on hand; one will do. Put one in your cart, enter code, rejoice.

I’ve often wondered why no one has mentioned this place before.

I could sell you mine for a few hundred, but its really dodgy…

i’m in vermont XP

thanks for the code, i shall use it.

you are awesome

I was ready to buy a used one in not great shape for a little less than the new price.