Kris Holm 20-inch Trials VS. Onza 20-inch Trials?

I am going to purchase a trials Uni and I can’t decide between the KH and the Onza. Does any have any opinions on them?

if yoy can’t decide just buy the cheapest one.
they are both good.

the only differet parts are the frame and cranks, i recon that the kh has the better frame and the onza has the better cranks.

Thanks, Anyone else have an opinion?

I get dribs and drabs of what new info is out there, but there is a new KH hub coming out and it will be easier on the ankles. Someone can probably give you more info on the date. So, maybe you might want to wait until the new one comes out.

When is the new KH going to come out and what is better about it?

The unofficial word from Kris is that they will be out late summer. They will have a new frame. The old cranks are notorious for hitting your ankles and the new ones will be smooth.

Some pics of the uni Kris was riding 2 or 3 weeks ago when he was in Santa Barbara. He said it is a prototype for the new frame. I forget what material it is. He said the new crown is rounder so it won’t hit your shins, but also has those knobs for doing tricks.

Those are the best of the frame. Here is the rest of the gallery.

It will come with the new KH seat also i should think. It will have a new handle and a removable cover. And some other nice things.

Is it expected to cost more or the same

The same I think. I have not heard otherwise.

The new KH sounds awsome but if i were to buy a trials uni today witch one would you recommend?

Well, from what I heard from Kris, it will not be out until after summer. He told me that he should get his new prototype in 3-4 weeks(this was about a month ago) and if he approved it 4 weeks from then, then it would be available late August/September. This would mean that if he got the prototype in 3 weeks, he would have to approve it within one week. I don’t know much about testing prototypes, but I assume it would take longer than one week to approve it.


KH vs Onza

Hey, KcTheAcy, good question!

Now I hear that the new Onza being sold at Unicycle dot com has an improved double keyway(used to have a single).

It is also apparently lighter than the KH.

It has cranks with a “Q” factor, angling them out from the spindle a little bit so they don’t hit your ankles

What they don’t have is very many comments from people who actually own them, so Onza owners, where are your comments?

i saw that frame at TOque, it looked pretty awesome!

That’s about what I heard at Moab. He also said the hub/crankset would be drastically redesigned. It’ll be merely slightly heavier than the suzue, and still be splined (36spline), and have cranks with q-factor. It’ll be the best trials uni ever (in my humble opinion).

As for the Onza (I have the old one), there are a few drastic flaws in it. The first is that the crown is massive, so it hits your knees on failed seat out hops or when you lose grip. It really hurts. The KH has a better, lower-profile crown. The onza dustcaps can get jammed into the crank, making it untighten/loosenable, which is awful. Mine is nearly untightenable. That’s about it. The problems I’ve heard with the current KH cranks is that the nubs can interfere with pedalgrabs, and hurt your ankles. Also, the KH is heavier. Other than that, the KH is better (in my opinion). Buy which ever is cheaper (or currently in stick), though, as they’re both about equal, and they both rock.

I am having the same dilema…i think its drifting towards the onza though

I would be very intereasted in hearing everyone’s opinion though