Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Cycle

Yes, he “quote[d] a price” of $400… and was briefly swayed from that position. As far as I know, he hasn’t ACCEPTED anyone’s offers at the lower price, either. My $0.02 says that mini-boycott or not (looks like sour grapes over missing out on a killer deal, from here) he’s well within his common courtesy rights to back out of his lower price and re-list at whatever he feels the market will bear.

And on his side, when he realized that he wasn’t sure what the value was, the smoothest path would’ve been to call a “time-out” and do his research at that point :slight_smile:

hindsight is a b*tch, I guess.

John M

I’d agree with you but he dropped the price to $270 plus shipping and then he increased it after a couple of us PM’d him. I’m all for fair but the poster didn’t join the list becaue he is a unicyclist or planned to become one. No sour grapes here, I can afford a new 20" KH uni, I offered a more than fair price for a 3 year old uni that is said to be only ridden a few feet indoors but shows signs of wear on the pedals that suggest otherwise.
I really enjoy the community here but if every Joe-blow who has no intentions to become a unicycler joins, than the community with be a little fractured… Don’t you think?

Hey so whats the deal with this thing. I am very interested and I sent you a pm. I really want to buy it but has it been sold yet? im willing to discuss price

<nod> this is a case of a seller backing out of an offer made, not a seller backing out of a deal arranged. In my opinion (and everyone’s entitled to theirs, especially in a free market) those are two totally different classes of “offense”.

I do agree that perhaps if every person in the world who had no interest in unicycling joined our forums it might fracture the forum community slightly, yes. I also don’t quite believe that our friend Probel here is actually every non-unicycler in the world masquerading as a single user account, however ;D ;D ;D
He’s also not someone with zero interest in unicycling, else he wouldn’t have given it a try in the first place, nor is he the kind of shill or spammer that I’d like to see banned from this sort of forum and the internet as a whole if we were making wishes :slight_smile:

As I said above though, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and these two posts aren’t intended to attack anyone else’s, but more to add mine to the pile.

An ebay auction with a low starting price, a sensible reserve if any (perhaps that’d be a good use of the $270 price point, to match the “do I hear $300?” he was proposing) and a link posted in this thread, might be his best approach given the static he does seem to have built up thus far on the matter. But then again, that’s his choice and not my decision either, hehe.

John M

Seriously, wow… I wasn’t going to join into this conversation AGAIN as it’s getting old…but “sour grapes” dude…as you boast the name billnye I guess you should have researched your facts before making your hypothesis because your hypothesis is false or partially true.

I’m pretty new to unicycling as I have only been doing this since the beginning of summer…therefore… after seeing the unicycle advertised and tapeman’s post that it was too pricey…I researched before I posted or pm’d an offer by going back through the trading post and found other KH trials in similar condition to see what they sold for. I posted in this thread links to similar unicycles that were sold and pm’d the seller with my offer, to which he pm’d me a counter offer and told me that Tirving had offered him more but wanted shipping included in his price. The seller then asked me to research shipping costs. I did and told the seller that if he was going to accept an offer he would make a small amount more from Tirving’s offer than mine. The seller then countered my offer and I told him if it wasn’t sold today I would let him know whether I wanted it for the new price or not.

This morning the seller had a post that he was “auctioning” it off here for the first $300 + shipping. I didn’t want to be a part of the “auction” at that point and there seemed to be enough others interested so who cared.

I guess that is where your a bit correct as wording would have made a difference because if he had said he reviewed the posts and thought he would like to stick to either his $400 or at least get $300 it would have been cool. I probably would have paid $300 as it’s only $30 difference from what he wanted yesterday, but it was the way the entire thing was handled.

More importantly I’m sick of reading disparaging remarks that we were quoting Danni “ripping him off” or your accusation of “sour grapes” or “mini boycott” about our actions in attempting to work out a price with this guy both the remarks are unfounded and unnecessary.

To quote you… hindsight is a b*tch, I guess.

I agree that it does show signs of being ridden more than inside, but it still looks pretty good. I would have given him the $300 plus shipping it’s only $30 difference but I’m not playing games either.

I think it would be nice if the bickering stopped and let the guy sell his unicycle.

Word… :slight_smile:

He negotiated a deal with you and then just changed his mind, wow, that was rude.:wink:

tl;dr version of the following: “previously-private info changes public situation, re-categorizes science guy’s opinion, nobody still ought to care what he thinks above anyone else! read all about it!”

That situation (as you further describe it in your next paragraph) is indeed different from “my hypothesis” (you did notice the repeated “afaik”/“looks”/“from here”? :slight_smile: ), but also much more involved than the “public” conversation up to this point, including tirving’s conversation with me in the thread which didn’t indicate any dialogue about a specific deal at the lower price. Your post clarifies that point, and I think it’s fairly clear from my posts that I wasn’t defending the position that he does seem to be in.

I also didn’t/don’t see how anyone in this thread was “ripping [Probel] off” in any way. I do however stand by my “mini-boycott” phrasing, as it accurately describes what he’s facing at the moment (and likely will continue to face, as far as involves those affected by the sour dealings thus far) :slight_smile:

Amen (though I’ll reiterate that none of my participation has been in the spirit of attack or “disparagement”, but simply putting out there my opinion of the public facts as I saw them and my take on the forum etiquette involved in these sorts of semi-formal dealings.)

$0.02 more, probably still worth less than half face value, and dropping, in this economy ;D

John M

Your $0.02 is worth as much as the rest of us, and yes I did overlook your “afaik”/“looks”/“from here”? :slight_smile: ) my apologies to you. My, as you put it, mini boycott was simply because I felt if I agreed to the $300 plus shipping he might have up’d the price again and for me personally I feel I have to make a decision as to what it is worth to me, not so much just what the unicycle is worth. I wasn’t that interested and really didn’t need to spend the money on a second 20" this time of year, thus my decision not to proceed with the sale.

In any case if anyone is interested the unicycle is on ebay. Seems like [Probel] has it at a decent/fair price and shipping is free or included depending on how you want to look at it.
Someone should grab it…

Sold for $400.01 shipping included. He should be happy

$270 was kind of a rip off in the end :roll_eyes: .