Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Cycle

I would take $270 pick-up/$270 you pay for shipping. The Uni is MINT. I dont ride, can’t ride. the longest I could stay on the thing was like 25’ feet maybe, and thats with someone holding my hand. The tire still have the nub’s. I don’t know what shipping would cost. Anyone interested give me an idea.

I might be interested. I would have to talk to my parents tho.

whats the weight of a 2007 KH?

I wouldn’t take anything below $350 for this. You could probably get your $400 to the right buyer. It is in great condition, with a nice powder coat. The frame alone is worth $200, let alone the wheelset (which I’m sure is in immaculate condition).

Don’t let these guys make you go down so low, they’re trying to rip you off. Be patient and it will pay off.

Thats a 07 one of the so called “snap happy” ones. So no the frame os not worth $200.

I take offense to your statement that we are trying to rip him off. That’s bull, at least from my POV. I was just going by other unicycles that sold here on the forum recently.

Another white powder coated frame appears to have sold for $100 on the forum not too long ago, here…(scroll down to post #14, Peripatet)

Personally I don’t care either way. I have a 2008 KH trials just not in white. I have already checked out the price to have my frame professionally powder coated and I can get it done (my color choice) in my city for less than $75 so it isn’t a big deal to me either way.

I’d probably pay the $270 but I wouldn’t go any higher, someone else might pay his original price, but I’m going by what has been sold here in the past few months. I’m not trying to rip anyone off.

They’ll still take quite a beating. Only a very small percentage of riders put that kind of abuse on their frames (mainly flatlanders).

This ride is worth more the $250. Heck, a nimbus trials (new) costs more than this. The KH has the alu frame, wide rim, nicer seat. It may be an 07, but it’s still a KH.

Where in the city are you?

Interested… PM sent

I wouldn’t take anything below $350 for this. You could probably get your $400 to the right buyer. It is in great condition, with a nice powder coat. The frame alone is worth $200, let alone the wheelset (which I’m sure is in immaculate condition).

Thank you Danni for your advice. I appears i didn’t know what i got here. up to this point, I have 6 people interested in the uni. that is for $270 pick-up/you pay shipping. It looks to me we have a good ol fashion auction. Can I get $300 pick-up/you pay shipping? If I can’t get this sold by Monday I’ll be taking it to Ebay. last time i checked there are no KH 20-inch trials let alone a white one

You have made an offer and should honor that. If you wanted to hold an auction you should have gone to ebay in the first place.

“I would take $270 pick-up/$270 you pay for shipping”

Stand, or fall, by your word.


Go to Ebay now…I already PM’d you my offer which is m ore than fair and more than others offered ($300); I am retracting it now. I’d rather buy from someone who is into unicycling or someone who contributes to the uni community.

This site is for unicyclists, not those who have a unicycle…will never use it… and want to get rid of it and fish the community taking “bids”… with no contribution to the community at all.

Ebay and Craigslist is where you can go to sell the uni… this is “”.

Yeah mountain shooter…he made the same offer to me and I was going to let him know today if I wanted it at the $270 price…I’m out as well. Not interested in an “online auction” most sellers in this community go by first person who asked and than go to the next person, he didn’t even do that. Ebay is probably a good idea for this seller.

I think that we can give the seller some slack as he is a non-rider and had no idea what his product was worth. Imagine yourself in his shoes.

I would have… had he come onto the forum asking what his uni was worth… instead, he quotes a price, receives offers via PM and “up’s he ante” with each offer… not cool.

Np here, just not interested at this point.

It’s a nice uni and I’m sure if he sticks with one price and deals fairly, he will sell it.

Yes, he “quote[d] a price” of $400… and was briefly swayed from that position. As far as I know, he hasn’t ACCEPTED anyone’s offers at the lower price, either. My $0.02 says that mini-boycott or not (looks like sour grapes over missing out on a killer deal, from here) he’s well within his common courtesy rights to back out of his lower price and re-list at whatever he feels the market will bear.

And on his side, when he realized that he wasn’t sure what the value was, the smoothest path would’ve been to call a “time-out” and do his research at that point :slight_smile:

hindsight is a b*tch, I guess.

John M

I’d agree with you but he dropped the price to $270 plus shipping and then he increased it after a couple of us PM’d him. I’m all for fair but the poster didn’t join the list becaue he is a unicyclist or planned to become one. No sour grapes here, I can afford a new 20" KH uni, I offered a more than fair price for a 3 year old uni that is said to be only ridden a few feet indoors but shows signs of wear on the pedals that suggest otherwise.
I really enjoy the community here but if every Joe-blow who has no intentions to become a unicycler joins, than the community with be a little fractured… Don’t you think?

Hey so whats the deal with this thing. I am very interested and I sent you a pm. I really want to buy it but has it been sold yet? im willing to discuss price

<nod> this is a case of a seller backing out of an offer made, not a seller backing out of a deal arranged. In my opinion (and everyone’s entitled to theirs, especially in a free market) those are two totally different classes of “offense”.

I do agree that perhaps if every person in the world who had no interest in unicycling joined our forums it might fracture the forum community slightly, yes. I also don’t quite believe that our friend Probel here is actually every non-unicycler in the world masquerading as a single user account, however ;D ;D ;D
He’s also not someone with zero interest in unicycling, else he wouldn’t have given it a try in the first place, nor is he the kind of shill or spammer that I’d like to see banned from this sort of forum and the internet as a whole if we were making wishes :slight_smile:

As I said above though, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and these two posts aren’t intended to attack anyone else’s, but more to add mine to the pile.

An ebay auction with a low starting price, a sensible reserve if any (perhaps that’d be a good use of the $270 price point, to match the “do I hear $300?” he was proposing) and a link posted in this thread, might be his best approach given the static he does seem to have built up thus far on the matter. But then again, that’s his choice and not my decision either, hehe.

John M