kris holm 20 inch trial

ok so my friend who has taught me almost everything i know,let me borrow his kh 20 for the week…stinking awsome!!!i love this uni it’s not too heavy(except for the price that is)but it’s extremely sturdy.he got it back a while ago when it only costed like…400$but now it cost 500$(ya i know what you are thinking…lucky!!!)though…i screwed up my foot sunday when i was doing some trial(my first real trial,yay!!) i hit my foot on some rocks so now i have to “take it slow” sucktastic!!!

You can get it for 365 here:

Quick get it before everyone buys them all and they raise the price.

Yeah I just bought the last '07 24" KH Muni! Only $417, plus a scant $15 shipping! Very amazing deal!

And you need another KH 24 for what reason? Oh I know you’ve run out of things to paint.

By the way where’s this weeks video?

Haha that’s gold! Very good:) I wanted another Muni just like what I have, so if I need a backup (which has been the case more than once due to a broken rim, other parts) while one’s out of commision, It’ll be easy to make the switch with no discernable difference in “feel”. My '05 KH muni is markedly different in feel. That one’s up for sale in TP.

As for the video, I’m still nursing a tailbone injury which is limiting my abiltiles to some extent, plus I don’t want to have another injury while it’s healing. I hope to have another vid out in the next couple weeks. :smiley:

OK excuses accepted. I know what you mean by the difference between the 05 & the 07 I love my 07. Take care.

By the way sorry to heelnipper for jacking his thread. If you can afford the KH 20 go for it. The link that Brian O & Muni Addict have recomended certainly looks like the best price out there.

thats where I got mine YAY!

:astonished: wow thats a good deal.

now im anoyed that I didnt buy it from there, thanks alot lol, just tell me they dont post to the UK, thats the only thing that can make me happy now

thats nothin
i ordered my chris holm 20 in and was so excited that i decided to go out and ride. I went outside and was jummping down a 5 stair and about the fourth time i landed on my foot wrong and broke my foot. i broke it so bad that i had to go in for surgery and get fake bone and pins and screws put in and my uni came the same day as my surgery. after about two months of dreaming about ridding i am finnaly able to do a little light ridding

Dang, that’s gotta suck. Just be careful with that foot. Luckily, I only sprained my foot when I hurt it last, but started back on my uni within three weeks. I took it slow of course because didn’t have full range of motion. Be very careful and don’t hurt it again. It hurts me every time I think of a foot break or sprain because that means time off the uni and time off training for RTL. :astonished:

They raised the price to $500. I wonder why they had it so low? UDC must mark their stuff up a lot.

Shipping to the UK would be so much that it might not end up cheaper. I’m gonna buy a nimbus 24" muni with moments and it’d cost me $300 US ($400 NZ) from the US or $570 NZ from New Zealand but once you add postage on top it’s cheaper to buy it from New Zealand.