Kris Holm 19" Street or Nimbus 19" Equinox Street?

Looks like everything is in stock at UDC - must’ve received their November container …

I can’t decide between the Kris Holm ($575) or Nimbus ($400). Which would you buy?

According to UDC the KH is a whole 2 lbs heavier. Somewhere around a pound of that difference is nothing but the tire as far as I can tell. I don’t have much time on a cyko lite tire (which comes with the nimbus) but the general consensus seems to be that it’s inferior to the maxxis cc (which comes with the KH.) After the weight the biggest differences I see are the cranks and saddle. I haven’t ridden a nimbus flat saddle so I don’t know how comfortable it is but I’ve always avoided it because it looks very ugly to me. The cranks are a huge difference though, the nimbus ventures aren’t bad but KH cranks have been proven time and time again. The KH frame is stronger than the equinox in theory with the one piece crown but I’ve never seen any data on either one breaking, mostly because the KH is new and the equinox is uncommon.

IDK which I would get but those are some thoughts.

I’d say it comes down to if you like the sharper corners on the crown on the Equinox. They would make foot on frame tricks a bit easier but would hurt more if you hit your leg on it w/o pads. Also it’s cranks have a bit less Q-factor which many people like (I preffer more).

I’ve never hit the crown on any of my unis, but I don’t do many tricks (esp like uni spins).

The KH has a wider rim (weight diff is negligible) which would reduce pinch flats, tire folding, a flatter tire profile, and a bit more damp (good for landing, not hop height).

I’m an Equinox street owner and am quite satisfied. The Cyko Lite tire has gotten some bad press, but it has been incredibly long lasting. The side walls are, I think, lighter, causing it to fold on gaps/sideways-jumps under lower tire pressure (I’m not big into this kind of jumping, so it’s not a real issue). The new KH frame claims to have enough of a square crown to place the foot on the crown, but I’m skeptical, and I have big feet. Hitting my knees on the Equinox crown has never been an issue for me. Regarding strength, my understanding is that the KH is stronger and more able to handle 4-ft drops, and maybe that explains the extra 2-lb weight penalty. The Equinox is great for learning freestyle and street/trials technique. Take the extra $175 you’re saving, and apply it to some tools/safety-gear.

I have $175 that says the Nimbus. :smiley:

Both are going to be great. I can’t say that the KH is $175 stronger, but you get to decide if it’s $175 cooler.

Thanks for the insights. I appreciate it.

My objective is not ultimate tricks - I need a uni that I can learn a few things on (rolling/other kinds of mounts, idling - useful things not showy things) with risking injury trying on my 36er. This came to a head when I tried a different mount and got my feet all messed up and wound up doing a nasty chest bump with the ground off the 36er. My sternum still hurts! (how long does it take to heal?)

Anyway, it’s not about the $175… I’d like a good one and given the above - are the “street” unis the things I should be focused on? Also, I want one big enough (I’m 36" stand-over) but lower to the ground for when things go wrong. Not being able to take a deep breath for weeks sucks! :wink:

You don’t really need a street uni for that kind of thing, though it’s not going to hurt to be on one. Given your inseam length, you may be more comfy on a 24" nimbus II or Muni, and it will be a lot cheaper if you’re just using it as a learning tool. Not to discourage you, both of them are great wheels. If you don’t plan on learning a lot of tricks, the Muni would allow you to try that out if you were interested.

Idling on a 36er can be done, but it’s not particularly useful. It takes a lot of effort for what it is, especially if you run small cranks. Hopping in place is more efficient it seems. I personally just re-mount.

What did you go for in the end? I got a cheapo Chinese uni (brand is ‘Knight’) but wasn’t too impressed with build quality so I’m returning it and looking to get something else. All unis are made in Taiwan anyway, in the end it all comes down to QA and I’m hoping KH and Nimbus would tick the boxes for me. I’ve narrowed it down to these two models, if the Creepy Crawler is too heavy I can always go for a 19" Monty trials tyre which is much lighter. I have no idea where the rest of the ‘extra’ weight comes from.

I quite like the Equinox but I’m not too convinced about the 25.4 mm ø seat post. The KH ticks all the boxes for me except that it’s heavier. Damn…

No it doesn’t. Engineering and materials make a huge difference. Quality production with inferior materials and engineering won’t result in a great uni.

For example KH has the Spirit one piece forged CrMo hub and a forged crown.

The heat treatment of the alloys, especially the cranks, make a huge difference to what can be otherwise identical materials.

Good points, leaning towards the KH.