Kris Holm 19-inch Trials Rim 2007

will this rim fit a torker dx? and would it affect the dx in any significant way?

well heres the linky doodle.

yes, it will fit a 19" Torker DX, but you’ll need to relace the wheel with new spokes, and it’ll take a while to true it. The extra width will give you ALOT more stability and less tire fold.

it can but it’s not a good idea. the dx hub is 48 holes, while the kh rim is 36 holes.

eh, I forgot that it was a 48 holer.

Ask your LBS if they will lace it up for you.

Some might…

It’s better to lace a 32h rim to a 48h hub, the spacing works out a lot better.

Yea i dont think it would turn out well the amount of spokes is crucial when replacing a rim.

I think you’d need 3 different lengths of spokes to make it work, though I wouldn’t risk the amount of work and strength.

Qu-Ax makes a really nice, wide, eyeletted, strong rim, so you could try that out.

just get the DB-45 from qu-ax is nice and wide and has a good weight too.

Yes that would be a very nice setup also when you order that get some Quax 145mm cranks. And get your LBS to do both, It would be a great improvement to your uni. :slight_smile: