Kris Holm 137/165 Isis Moment Dual Hole cranks

Nearly brand-new off my nearly brand-new Nimbus 36’er… pics below show all. This could be a great deal if you:

  1. Are just dying for more leverage for hellacious climbs and and are completely blown away that somebody would be willing to give you longer cranks in exchange for your 110/127 or 125/150 cranks.

  2. Are completely stunned by these long-legged beautys and are willing to pay reasonably close to retail so I can afford to buy dualies that have something close to 125mm stamped on them.

  3. Have a pristine set of straight 125’s to trade along with a good pitch for why I will never have to climb a grade greater than 3% as I continue to age in my unicycling career.

Anyhow… 125 is my favorite number for crank length… tell me whatcha got!

-David Howard

Not sure if the pics worked, so here’s links too:

BUMP… wow, you guys are pedaling all over each other to get to these cranks, aren’t you?.. any takers?

sometimes a price is very helpful

You’re absolutely right Jesse… and it’s quite boring hearing the electronic echo of my own voice anyhow… lol.

Okay. These cranks sell on udc for $98 I believe. I can/will let them go for at least a $30 discount from that, so… why don’t I start at $65.

And I still believe that there must be at least one pair of 125/150 or straight 125’s available for trade out there?.. call me crazy. :slight_smile: