Kris Holm 08 gloves ripped

Hopefully that worked, Im not sure how to insert pictures yet.

I’ve only had these gloves since christmas and I usually only wear them for the first 30 minutes of a session because my hands get hot. Im a little disapointed to see them rip so early, has anyone else had the same problem with theirs?
Ok, the picture didnt work but the rip is right along the seam of wear the thumb meets the palm padding.

I’ve not had the same problem, but mine is getting ripped where the velcro meets the glove… i can post pics if you want to see it…

Take a look at the attached file to see how to attach files :wink: The button you need to use is labeled “Manage Attachments”.

Oh and, my KH gloves are worn right through where my left thumb rests on the KH saddle grip. I also tore a hole in the lighter fabric on the upper side during a high-speed (for a unicycle anyway :p) fall on asphalt.

edit: I am an idiot and forgot to attach the attachment which was supposed to show how easy it is to attach stuff…also tried to bend the 10-minute rule, oh well

Bilde 2.png

Okay thanks for the tip on that, the tear is on my left glove and i hold the handle with my right hand so I’m not sure how this happend, I actually didn’t even notice the tear until I was taking the gloves out of my backpack to go outside because it was 15 degrees F outside.

Wow, I have the 07’s and have ridden them like crazy and they are like new almost. Nothing wrong with them at all.

weird, i dont think ill have to replace mine though… probably a little warm to wear anyways with spring coming up

Just went outside to practice and after an attempt at a 360 unispin i bent my KH07 frame seat tube. Feels very off balance to ride now, just a message on to find a solution for this.

Yeah mine ripped pretty badly along that thumb seam too. There’s also a hole forming between the index finger and thumb on the other hand. I havent done that much riding in them really, and i only got them at christmas. (4 months ago)

mine are seperating at the same seem. between the thumb and palm pad. they are barely used. I will just repair them and ride on.

I tore my glove after a fall on pavement last year. As far as I’m concerned the gloves worked. I didn’t sprain my wrist and the skin on my palm was also intact. I’d much rather tear my glove than my hand. I just sewed up my glove and ordered a new pair.

Mine are the older type (red backs, two-tone grey leathery front) and they have only just started to wear through recently - there’s a small hole in the back of one finger and the end of one finger has split where the stitching as worn through (but could easily be restitched). Apart from that they’re still fine. The new design looks much more flimsy to me - I had a look at some at BUC last weekend and decided I’d be better off patching up my old pair.

What do other people think? Are the new gloves generally weaker than the old ones?