kris holm '04 frame specs

do you think $317 for a complete "04 setup with a maggie is a good deal?

for 350 you can get a modern Muni that will last for ever and then for 65 a Maggie. i would pass

$200 with the brakes is probably a fair price. It’s a solid uni, but very dated.

Spec’s as far as I remember from photo’s:

Rim: Alex DX32
Cranks/Hub: KH 2004 8 spline CrMo
Frame: KH CrMo
Saddle: KH similar to Nimus HI-Top

it’s going to be hard to let this one go, I really want a Muni but after riding a borrowed KH I’m sick of riding nimbuses (which make up about 90% of family’s collection)