Kpro pedals for street and trial

I tried the Kpro pedals today and think they are great for street and trial.
Now I’m planning to buy them and put grindplates on them (costum made).
Will the pedal last long, even with pedalgrabs and grinds?
Does any one tried or ride this kind off pedals?
Tell me what you think please
Owh, here is a link to the pedal in question:


for grinding and pedal grabs, it will probably wear off the grip quickly.
for natural trials, you need edges on the pedal to get rounder objects, which it doen’t look like it has.
I don’t see how the grind plate will fit on, but it might be possible

Just so you know, I have never riden with these pedals so it is just an educated juess

KHE stmulators are nice pedals…I used to use them for bmx flatland, but I now prefer the Odyssey Twisted PC pedals(current pedals on my flatland bke). I like the PC’s so much that I used them on my street/park bke for awhile and they held up fairly well. I really like to do pedal grinds, and the PC’s almost make it feel like cheating(they’re a bit too fast at times…be careful). The traction nubs will wear pretty quick, but they are cheap(about 12.00 USD a pair). If you wanna ride plastic for street, i think PC’s are the way to go. I wouldn’t even bother with the plates, just grind 'em until they are useless, and put on a new pair. A lot of folks on the board seem to like the plastic “beartrap” style pedals…those might be worth a shot also. Good luck!

Hey I’m riding those! I like em. They wer out pretty fast but I picked up a 4 pair pack for $20 off a freind. There a bit grippy for the techyish flip tricks but that’s just an adjusment. And they don’t hurt as much as pc twisteds. I never use shin guards so I get to know pedals pretty good.:smiley:

I ride those pedals too and really like them. They give me just the right amount of grip for flat tricks. They won’t last forever, but for their price they are good value. As guster said, putting grindplates on them is probably neither possible nor necessary.

I’m thinking of making grindplates and connect them with bolts through the triangles at the side.
Then they must last longer, I guess.