KoxxOne Vs Kris Holm

I am sure this is a thread somewhere on here, but I couldn’t find it when I searched.

I currently have a Kris Holm 20"…A few years old. I am just ready to change it up a bit and was checking out some Koxx One uni’s. I notice from browsing here they seem to be the top 2 brands, I’m wondering what everyone thinks about the big debate…

I really like the White Russian model of the K1 but am not asking to compare that specific model…

Just looking for input from fellow riders.

They are both similar, but considering the very large price difference now between them, I’d say go for the Koxx One.

There have been a few threads on here with links to Koxx uni’s that are like $200 or something.

I got 2 Koxx ones and love them super good quality and strong. For the price they are 200usd it’s a great bang for the buck!

Since I already own a KH20 and it’s the higher price of the two options, let’s just talk about quality in comparison and not bang for your buck.

Also- I found the K1’s for 250$ new on eBay… but haven’t seen the 200$ price tag… Do you gentlemen have a link?

Walmart.com then search unicycle

K1 produces good quality parts, apart from the devil frames which have incredibly thin tubing which dents and snaps very easily. KH is generally lighter and stronger. In my case, I run a K1 wheelset and post with a KH frame and saddle - I love it! :sunglasses:

wow. K1 at walmart.

Alright, well I think maybe, i’ll start mismatching parts to customize my KH frame. That seems to be the best idea for the best unicycle.

I honestly don’t know much about hubs or crank compatibility… Is there anything specific I should know before starting my research?

The new k1 hubs fit all Isis cranks. And I am considorng a KH longneck frame for my next frame.

You’re probably right about $250, I just remembered the price being two hundred and something.

The consensus is that KH is better.

Search the forums for the K1 deals, there are so many threads about them, I even made another post just a day or so ago with another website we have found them at.

I bought 2 of the K1’s, a 24 and a 20. Love them both. The devil frame (which is the same as the 24" frame) does seem very fragile, and my 24 muni has a few large dents in the frame already. The only KH I own at the moment is a KH 29 and love it, KH is known for being the shiz. You can tell the parts are of quality. Also KH saddles are amazing.

In my experience you get what you pay for - you don’t see KH unicycles being dumped at bankrupt stock prices.

The reason Koxx-ones are going cheap is because they are releasing a new product soon.

Thanks guys!
I think I am going to upgrade my KH20… I’d like to find somewhere to powder coat it, I hate that blue.

Before aesthetics though, I want to upgrade to wheel and maybe tire, also- cranks are a must. Mine are far too long…

What length crank size do you recommend for trials?
figure ill keep all my questions in this one thread…

I don’t agree with this because first of all arthur caron and the others behind koxx one are a bunch lazy bastards.

To answer the topic question koxx-one is very cheap, but seeing as you already have a KH uni that seems to be fine I’d just stick with it. What type of riding do you do? As for trials a KH uni is perfectly good. You did mention that you thought Koxx and KH are the two top companies out there. I think you should rethink that, because Impact as also a very good company with high quality parts and in my opinion it leaves koxx in the dust in most areas.

Anyways koxx has some very nice parts such as there seat posts called “pit fighter” and they also have nice bouncy tires (the new ones are the best bounciest)

In the end though it’s all your decision, but I suggest you mix and match your uni a little bit to what you really like! I have a mix of all three companies at the moment. But if you really want to give you money to the right person then it’s definitely KH who’s earned it.

You can tell yourself that if you like.

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out which parts are compatible to which. It seems harder to take apart a unicycle than anything else. I basically want new everything except frame, pedals, seatpost, seat… so uhh…crank arms, wheelset…and wheel. haha.
Any advice on that feel free to recommend stuff. Im going for nice and light and durable.


What year kh uni do you have? i think theres no point in changing anything until something breaks. but a kh frame will fit any ISIS hub mad4one makes nice strong crmo hubs. but the kh rim is very light.

You can search this thread because there already is one and read about stuff there :wink:

I DID try searching the forums before I had posted this thread. I just couldn’t find the other thread…

The reason I want to change the cranks is because mine are stupid long for trials riding. I don’t remember the year, I’m going to have to go back and search this forum for the original for sale thread…
The rest of the changes, I supposed are just for aesthetics.

its an 08

Going from a 08 KH20 to a new White Russian would be a step down on every component except the hub. (The 08 KH hub has relatively weak flanges)

Your cranks are too long? Get some one size smaller (125mm) whatever brand you want.

Want cosmetic changes? A little paint can go a long way…

Have money to burn and want a change? Get some cool parts, we all have different ideas but I would go with a new 32h hub and good wide single walled rim like the TryAll hOle.