KoxxOne Green Spirit Frame and/or complete unicycle.

Does ANYONE have a newish KoxxOne Green Spirit frame and or unicycle for sale?

If it isn’t new how bashed up is it?

I have been looking for this forever it is the last frame I need but it is impossible to find.

Do you still need this frame? I may be able to get you the full Unicycle - brand new

I might still need it.How can I get one

I work at a bike shop, and I was looking through one of our distributors the other day and found that they have Koxx Troll’s - which as far as I can tell are just Green Spirits with a different seat. They show that they have 29 in stock, I am planning on getting one, If it truly is a Green Spirit, I’d be glad to order you one as well.

I attached the picture that is on their site. It’ll be easier for me to get you the whole unicycle, I know you were mostly just interested in the Frame, but they don’t have frames only.

Amazon supposedly has “trolls” in stock also but every time they send it to me it is a black steel devil frame in a box with the picture of the spirit.

And then many on here have purchased the black steel devil and received green spirits (from Wallmart Scooters R us etc) I think amazon, walmart scooter website are all using the same person and that person has all their stock mixed up. So 29 in stock may be 29 black devils in stock. See how you go with it but let me know if it turns out to be the real deal then I will almost certainly get one. At the moment I have purchased a black devil in the HOPE that like everyone else on here I receive a green spirit. But I wont know for another 3 months what ends up coming.

I assume you are purchasing it from this link: https://www.amazon.com/Koxx-Trials-Unicycle-22-86cm-20-Inch/dp/B00JE4WDRQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487309706&sr=8-1&keywords=koxx+troll

If so you are getting it from the seller BikeSomeWhere, based off of their stock (what’s available on their site directly) they are using the same supplier as me. I don’t believe that supplier drop ships, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you keep getting sent the same package. If I were you I’d leave a easily unnoticable marking on the package (duct tape on the bottom, sticker, etc.) if you intend to order again, or take note of the Bar Code number, and compare it to the packages you’ve recieved in the past.

Depending on where you live I should be able to undercut their cost including shipping. I’m going to order mine sometime in the next few days, It shouldn’t take long for it to arrive and I can tell you if I’ve gotten the correct one.

EDIT: I didn’t think anything of it at first, but seeing that it takes 3 months to ship, do you live in Australia? If so it’d definitely be cheaper for just a frame I imagine. If I get the right one, I may consider swapping the frame for something else, and we could work out sending you the Green Spirit frame only

Yeh I am in Australia which is why I would rather just the frame. It costs almost the price of the unicycle in shipping to here.

Also Amazon had three attempts at sending me the troll. All were black devils, but they weren’t the same box because they I still had the one they had sent in the first place when they sent the second and third! I have 3 black devils in my loungeroom, none of which I wanted.

:frowning: That’s annoying. I think I’m going to contact the distributor and see if I can have them check the boxes for me.

I’d like to see you finish your collection, so if the one you receive from Amazon is incorrect again, and I manage to get the right one, I’m sure we can work something out.