Does anyone know where I can get a Koxx track monster offroad 24" in the US?

Would you consider shipping it from the UK or would you much prefer the U.S?? :thinking:

preferably US to save on shipping but if you have a good place il check it out

Well this is from the UK unicycle.com. Sorry i can’t be too much help. :frowning:

Also where abouts in the U.S are you from??



Ashland, Oregon. It says it right under his avatar…

A E Bike was selling KH 24’s for 420 $ till they ran out

They should get some more in a month. Read this thread.

I just got one a couple months ago from Renegadejuggling.com. When it came the box was kinda jacked up though. Nothing was damaged or missing, but it was damn close. Other than that, the deal was a good one.

I love my track monster!!!

Oh right. Well what Jerrick suggested is a good start i guess. :smiley:

is there anywhere that just sells the frames?

try phone renegade juggling or trialsin. Municycle.com do but its not worht the shipping charges.

I think you could call/e-mail tim at trialsin and work out a deal with him, I think you could do the same with renegade.


go with renegade, they’re great i bought a uni from them 3 weeks ago!

Sweet, I’ll be at Ashland in Novemeber for some classes at UBI. Are there many unicyclists there?

theres at least one other guy that I know of but I havent been able to get ahold of him yet. Either way hope to see you in November