I was wondering about the strength of the koxx splined hub verse others on the market that are below 200, does anybody know anything about it

also, i think that the picture on their website is perverse and i know the name is koxx, but does anybody know why anyone would put that on a website, for those of you who don’t know, it’s here. http://www.koxx-one.com

dude it owns

I went to look at their website while I was at work yesterday. Goodness knows waht my colleagues thought :astonished:


Yoggi (trials champion) has apparently done 16 foot drops on the KOXX Devil with the KOXX ISIS hub, with it remaining in one piece. 'Nuff said. However, the seatpost is weak and will proabbly need replacing if you’re going to do decent trials on it. How are you planning to get it for 200 (USD i presume)? It’s £240 in the UK right now, or was that a typo?

I’m not going to buy the whole unicycle, I have a pretty good wheelset and a crappy hub so im getting the koxx splined

Is the try-all seatpost weaker than onza/kh 27.2 alu seatposts?
Looks all the same to me. :slight_smile:

I’m just waiting for my onza-post will crack so i can go hunting for a 27.2mm steel one… and maby buying a longneck frame for my freestyler to…
Lets rock! :wink:

Ah rite, sorry unign, i was jumping to conclusions. lleberg, apparently they are, so much so that on UDC.uk.com it says ‘We recommend upgrading the aluminium seatpost to a CrMo seatpost for trials unicycling.’ whereas it doesn’t for any of the other trials unicycles.

The tube thickness on the KH 27.2mm Alu Seatposts is almost twice the thickness of the Koxx seatpost, which obviously saves a bit of weight but with Alu its the thickness that gives it the strength. I’ve snapped a KH seatpost already & I’m hardly the best trials rider around, so even a mediocre rider will snap the koxx seatpost quite quickly.

Apart from that, the Koxx Isis hub & cranks is an excellent setup, and is definitely comparable in strength to the KH/Onza hub.


hahah the koxx 1 string… nasty.

You need to remember that Yoggi also did a 16’ drop on a KH 2004 hub at UNICON .

It is the rider that often makes more difference than equipment, Yoggi is a superb jumper. Kris has almost given up testing his cranks and hubs because he can not break them.


Wow! That uni has taken some serious abuse :astonished:


I have that hub/crankset and it’s great for me, but the biggest drop i’ve done is 5 foot. As for seatposts, I recomend this one: http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=13&products_id=363&osCsid=11b3d12ada712b7248c8d888e07adfdf