Koxx XTP

Im thinking of getting the ‘Koxx XTP’ uni for trials riding. Can anyone give a review of this uni or just tell me what you think of it? Thanks

the xtp is currently more of a street machine because of the light ISIS hub and cranks.

these cranks and hub arent as strong as the koxx isis reinforced hub and cranks, those come on unis like the devil and gold edition etc etc.

And the frame sucks for everything else, its way to expensive also. Get the KH then you have a unicycle which is way better for trials and street then the xtp.

The XTP doesn’t have the Isis Light Hub, but the Reinforced one. Cranks are the Light ones.


ok sorry my mistake guys.

XTP can take a good beating. Watch Joe hodges’ run at BUC and he does a pretty good drop/gap on it, and I think he lands sideways too.

Id rather get a KH though, because its jsut as good for trials, and better for the other styles too.

you didn’t mention that he broke his xtp frame though…

ahaha well if you see what joe does it aint a surprise… Atkins broke his KH frame at unicom we all know what happened there… plus the XTP2 is supposed to get rid of the cracking problem.

as for the XTP being more of a street uni ?? ahaha its got the light isis cranks, but they look pretty tough, the street cranks are for street.

but people are right, the price isnt right, and a kh07 is a better deal all round. mainly because you have a flat top frame, which is really the bad point of the XTP frame.


Peter M


thats his… “street” run :smiley:

i’m not sure if there is a vid of him doing trials at BUC. probably is somewhere.

i have to say, it is the opposite of what you said.
It is NOT a street machine. It is strictly trials. Built, designed, and styled for trials. It’s built with weight in mind, or more accurately, the lack of it. They used the lightest parts, and used a machined aluminum frame.

this thing is 5 out of 5 for trials riding and probably about a 1 or 2 out of five for everything else.

If you see yourself doing ANYTHING other than trials at ALL, get something else.

It’s a great machine but IMHO it’s overpriced and it’s a specialty unicycle on an already specialty market.

And the KH is still lighter.

XTP 5.3 kg
KH 5.6 kg

The JC pedals are heavy… if you buy some mag pedals they are the same weight again

KH is heavier because of the odyssey pedals which are 350g heavier than the magnesiums ones fitted to the XTP.

It also comes with a longer reinforced seatpost this adds 50g.


xtp2 is 4,98kg according to koxx-one
the first was 5,2kg

bad news regarding the new XTP2 frame… I saw a friend’s frame which has a crack on it, a really thick crack as well, just above the new gusset welded onto the top of the crown.

I think 6061 aluminium is just asking for trouble when it comes to trials. Koxx One should at least go to 7005 or their sister company’s (main KOXX) patented “K-Alone” alloy. The price is so high anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to spend more money to manufacture it out of a MUCH stronger aluminium alloy because no matter what anyone says, in real life riding, 6061 frames fail horribly in biketrials whereas 7005, Ultra 6, and K-Alone alloy frames last longer.

I’m sure we can all guess who.

all this talk about miniscule amounts of weight- if your that worried about it take a dump before you go riding (or don’t wear a helmet).

haha, that much is obvious, but for certain reasons I don’t think I’ll bother saying the name. This is due to the incident that happened when the original XTP cracked… so before Vincent or any other ‘big boss nassas’ over at Koxx decide to flame ‘that rider who cracked the XTP2’, I noticed the crack on it whilst riding it, he didn’t directly tell me, so therefore, he didn’t break any rules whereas I can simply tell anyone because I personally am not bound to any contract. Splendid.