Koxx XTP

Hi guys, I have rode unicycles for quite a while now and own a few but I just need to find some information about my pride and joy…

the Koxx XTP 19" trails. does anyone know how many were produced?

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@JIBB11 ,

Would you mind posting a photo? I don’t have an answer to your question, but do own two Koxx Green Spirit Trials unicycles. I’m curious to see how yours may be different.

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Hello @Uni2ONE2 yes I can post a picture tomorrow.

thanks for your reply

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Here’s the photos


Oh, wow! I have never seen one of those before now! Thank you for posting the photos!

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I’m sure they made a limited number number of these frames but I am still unsure.

I also assume that the number 14 on the crown means it was the 14th frame made on the production line.

I could be wrong but it was probably around 15 years ago. Glad you like the photo!

I’ve dreamt about this uni way too much! The XTPs were really nice pieces. Sell it to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot answer your question about numbers though. It is the number produced, but I can’t remember the highest number I saw. I did a quick search and I could find a #023. I’m sure there’s more than 23 out there though.

There were six 24" versions made also

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XTPs aren’t that rare are they? From memory @JoelGleeson owns one, Aiden Teleki and myself.

I own the 006 XTP24 (with 26 road wheel) and know about 4 of the 5 others !


I wasn’t aware they made 24” or 26” frames! They are very nice!