koxx xtp frame

is the xtp frame worth the money if I have it? has anyone ever broken one, and will it fit a kh hub?

It will fit a kh hub.

ok cool. So what does averyone think of the frame itself? its will cost me $400 lol so if I decide to it better be good.:wink:

Actually I don’t think it will. I am assuming it has identical or similar bearing holders as the black domina and the domina frame will not fit a kh hub.

The bearings are the same size but the flanges are a lot wider on the KH hub and the KH bearing holders are designed so the bearing sits on the very outside edge of the holder so there are no problems with clearance. With the domina (and probably XTP) holders, the bearing sits in the center of the bearing holders so the holders stick out too far and rub against the hub flanges.

I have tried to put my domina frame on both an 07 and 05 KH hub and it rubs both of them, the 07 is much worse though. If you have an 07 KH you can see how close the hub flanges come to bearing holders.

wow that sucks, anyone know for sure?

Get a KH frame… the XTP is way to expensive and little heavier than the kh

Let the XTP stay where it is and waith for the Triton Sponge, this will kick there ass for strength, look and probably weight to.

Peter M

I have 2 XTP frames, one with a small crack that Joe Hodges did. I’m happy with it, I havn’t had any problems but I wouldn’t pay full whack for it.
I don’t know if it fits the KH Hub.your decision.It does look nice.


its pretty pointless telling the guy not to get it, he asks a question can people just stay on topic?

all i can say is I dont know. Maybe its worth emailing koxx.

Wow, I had no idea. Thanks.