Koxx XTP 20" For Sale

Although MDC proves otherwise, I can verify that KH frames have too-small-a-bearing housing for koxx bearings, I was there when scott tried it.

Thats weird…

I saw other people using Koxx hubs and KH frames together. MDC was just an example.

Yeah, the kh and koxx bearings/holders are definitely the same size (well, the OD of the bearings). I used to ride a koxx hub in my KH frame and a lot of other people have also.

maybe koxx uses a different standard of 42mm now?

In which case they must have done so in the last year.

Next time I see Scott I will be sure to check again seeing as you guys say the hub should fit the frame.

I’ll take the wheel (rim + hub + spokes) if you are willing to part it.

I ride a kh in a koxx hub and it’s fine. I think the XTP bearing holders are different and too big so rub on the KH cranks. What is sure is that the OD of the bearings is the same (42mm) but the ID (internal diameter is different). ID is 22mm on the KH bearings and 25mm on the koxx bearings.


is it still for sale?

I have my doubts. If you just look at the dates you might notice that the last post was in June 2008, over a year and a half ago.

haw much for the frame?

sorry i had to.

Tyler 258


BAD NOOBS, BAD. No bumping

I have and XTP frame and the new KH hub in it… the KH hub flanges are a bit wider then the koxx flanges… so you just have to do a tiny bit of grinding… but thats what I have a and I love it.