Koxx XTP 20" For Sale

Hi there, im selling my Koxx XTP trials uni as i need money for a new car.

I have owned this for about 3 or 4 months and its had little use in that time.
It has some scratches on the frame but nothing major. The left crank is scratched and about 6 pins missing from the left pedal where i was doing pedal grabs.

The rear seat bumper snapped off when it fell on the floor but the seat fabric is not torn or worn out as i used it about 3 times after it broke.

It comes with the standard 140mm cranks.
The tyre wear is very even as i turned the tyre every week or so.
The frame is not cracked or damaged in anyway ( apart from the scratches )
The seatpost has NOT been cut down.

I still have the try all pull string bag the seat post came in so i will include that.

Im looking for £325 and thats including postage costs!

I live in Kent, just off the M20 and if you would like to collect it, you would be more than welcome to.

Ill accept paypal or cash on collection

Heres some pictures.

How much for the saddle or rim and hub iff your willing
to part it out?


hey would u ship to canada??

pretty sure shippings going to cost more then the uni if you ship it to canada…haha. Nice uni though

how much for the frame alone. If it will fit a KH hub…
i will totally buy the frame.
(if its not that much…)

Won’t fit a KH hub, to wid.

Im not selling it off in parts and i wont ship outside of the uk, sorry i should of said that to begin with. but thanks for looking guys.

Im sorry to hear that :frowning:

I WANT IT, where do you live, is it possible to ship to Aust.?

He answered that two posts ago.

Seeing as you’re in the UK, you may want to post it on the trading forums there too…

damn it

Shipping to a country the complete other side of the planet would be a lot. And I’m sure it would probably be cheaper to buy a brand new one for you.

just for the record i do believe this frame will fit a KH hub, all hubs have a standard spacing of 100 mm if i remember correctly. there might be a slight problem when it comes to bearings but i am fairly confident it would work.
P.s love the uni… since i am a nice guy you should just give it too me… yes that makes sense… haha seriously people buy this thing!

KH bearings (40mm?) are smaller than the ones on koxx wheelsets (42mm).

It wont fit… people have tried it.

The bearinghousings on the XTP frame are too big. The KH cranks would rub the frame.

NOT true, they use the same bearings. 12mm wide and 42 mm diameter.


how come my koxx wheelset doesn’t fit in a kh frame then?

Dont know.

They should fit.


Thats also a koxx hub in a KH frame…

Odd. I tried it the other day and the k1 bearings were too big for the KH holders. Oh well, we’re kind of thread jacking here.