koxx wheelset fittage

Will a koxx wheelset fit on a torker lx frame?

which wheelset?

withoiut even talking about bearings, the lx cannot take more than 2.3" tyres so unless your thinking of a freestyle wheelset, no.

the trials wheelset, Will it fit on this frame? http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=848

its a 40mm bearing housing, so it should, but i dunno how thick a tyre it can take, and the only 19" trials tyres available are 2.5"… so it might not work. Try bedfords cause udc US really has very little choice. Or go for division 8 and get the koxx1 crmo frame they arent very expensive.

I know a trials wheel will feet that frame with 42mm bearing and you need to keep the wheel very true.