koxx vs kh

So whats better?

A fact few know: the kh is .5lbs lighter.


I don’t know, but it will all depend on the style of the rider. I don’t like either of them, lol. But that’s me. yeah, i don’t have any two cents there. laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

where can you get a Koxx besides Unicycle.com Britain?


Are we talking 20" or 24" here? I’d say KH, the frame will be stiffer, i should think the cranks will be stronger, the Koxx has a problem with the crank/pedal interface which means you have to use washers and alot of people’s come loose regularly. Also the seatpost supplied with the Koxx is apparently useless for trials, so you need to replace it with a better one which weighs more. The Kh just seems the ultmiate package, I don’t see how you can fault it.

This problem should be solved with the new interface wich is now (or soon) available… I’ll get some (because “My” devil was a pre-sale version and there was indeed a problem with the first cranks)

The seat post have been strengthened for about 3 months now. Devils now come with this new seatpost.

The post on the KH is made of aluminum isn’t it? So it should brake just the same. Koxx has come up a couple of months ago with a reinforced alu post, but I have to admit, I broke one already and I switched to CrMo.
I think that outside of Europe there is no doubt that KH is a better value (especially for its aluminum frame) in Europe though, KH is overpriced, and you can’t really beat the devil.